Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – Zephaniah 3

1.  The Lord talks about his jealous anger, 3:8, also 1:18.  What is human “jealousy” in a sinful sense?   How could this possibly apply to God who is sinless?   (Hint:  If the Lord is like our husband, how does he feel when we go after other gods?)

2. Zephaniah is not all wrath and judgment.  Pick out all the verses in 3:9-20 which give us wonderful promises of God’s grace.  Even though Jesus is not mentioned directly, which of these verses are only possible because of him?

3.  Even in the face of the coming judgment on the whole world, how will a true believer react because that day is a day of salvation for us?  See 3:14.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

 Wednesday – Zephaniah 1-2

Zephaniah is also a contemporary of Habakkuk and Jeremiah.  He tells us the time of his prophecy in 1:1.  Since he was a descendant of Hezekiah, King Josiah (J16) and Zephaniah would be cousins.  Young King Josiah wiped out as much of the idolatry as he could, perhaps in response to Zephaniah’s message.   Zephaniah concentrates on the “Day of the Lord” which refers to God’s coming judgment.  He blends together  God’s judgment onJudahand on all the earth, much like Jesus did in Matthew 24.  As you read chapter 1, pick out which verses are about judgment onJudahand which verses are about the final Judgment Day.

1.  Besides idolatry, the Lord condemns the people for attitudes that are very typical of our country today.  What are they?  See especially 1:6 and 12.

2.  1:14-16 have been immortalized in classical music.  The Latin hymn “Day of Wrath, Day of Mourning” is based on this passage.  Why will it be such a day of mourning and anguish for the people?  See 1:17-18.

3.  The faithful few inJudahwill also suffer with those who have rebelled against the Lord.  This still applies to countries where God’s wrath will come and the Christians are few.  It could apply to us also.  What does the Lord say to those who are faithful and yet will suffer  too?   See 2:3.  ow lHoi

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