Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – Titus 3

1.  How does Paul describe our lives before Christ in 3:3?  Ponder each phrase and apply them to your own heart – because of our sinful nature it is all too easy to slip back into such sins.

2.  Remember that God has saved us and rescued us from all that!  How?  Meditate on each phrase of 3:4-7.

3.  Some people just love to argue and pick everyone apart about the littlest of things. This happens among Christians too frequently.  What does Paul say about that  in 3:9-11?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday – Titus 2

1.  When Paul encourages Christian virtues for the different kinds of Christians, 2:1-8, one virtue that comes up frequently is “self-control.”  Because no one is forcing you to live a Christian life, you must control your own conduct.  In what areas of your life do you need improve your self-control?

2.  Note that Christianity works within the society that exists. Paul doesn’t try to free the slaves, but tells Christian slaves how to behave.  Apply 2:9-10 to an employee of a company.

3.  What encourages us to live self-controlled an godly lives?  Find an answer to that in each of these verses:  2:11,13 14.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – Titus 1

1.  Titus is another young co-worker with Paul, like Timothy.  Titus is not mentioned anywhere in the book of Acts, but he is already with Paul when he visited Jerusalem, before all the missionary journeys started. See Galatians 2:1.  In what place is Titus working?  See Titus 1:5 and locate that on a map.  This letter was written about the same time as 1 Timothy, sometime between Paul’s first and second imprisonment in Rome.

2.  Titus is having problems in finding decent pastors and leadership for the congregations in Crete.   What are some of the qualifications needed for pastors and leaders?  See 1:6-9.

3.  False teachers are running amok in Crete!  What does Titus need to do about it?  See 1:11 and 13.  Why is this a hard thing to do?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday –  2 Timothy 3-4

1.   At the beginning of chapter 3, Paul describes some of the “terrible times” in which we are living.  Ponder his list and compare it to American society.  His comment on verse 5 hits home in the USA – we are very religious but what’s so often missing?     As an example of such deceptive religious leaders in verse 8, Paul uses the traditional names of the Egyptian magicians who opposed Moses.  See Exodus 7:11,22; 8:7.

2.   Chapter 3:15-17 is well-known passage about the Bible.  What is the Bible’s most important purpose according to verse 15?  What word does Paul use to explain “inspired” in verse 16?  What 5 things do we want to use it for?

3.  It is not surprising that in Paul’s last message, he encourages what above all?  See 4:2.  This is so important because what is happening with so much preaching today?  See 4:3.

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