Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – Song of Songs 7-8

1.  In Chapter 7, their love continues.  Mandrakes in 7:13 is an herb with purple flowers that was thought to encourage sexual love.  This chapter and many others show the joy and oneness that husband and wife can have for each other.  In 8:1, why would she want her lover to be like a brother?  With a brother, an outward display of affection in public was acceptable. In what ways is it good to show affection between husband and wife in public today?  Bad?

2.  In 8:6, love is as strong as what?  The point:  love cannot be stopped!  Love is so much greater than what, according to 8:7 (even if some would think he is crazy to do that)?

3.  With our western minds, we expect the end of a song to be the conclusion or make a major statement.  Remember that in Hebrew poetry, the major point is in the middle.  The end of Song of Songs makes it an open-ended, continuous story that closes with the same invitation with which it started. How is this like love, especially Christ’s love for us?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday – Song of Songs 4-6

1.   In chapter 4, the lover describes his woman’s beauty.  Note 4:7 and compare how Christ’s bride, the church, is described in Eph 5:27.   How did we get to be that way?  Eph. 5:25-26.

2.  The very center of a Hebrew poem is the pinnacle, the chief thought.  The center of this book is 4:16.   The woman invites her husband into her garden, a description of their intimacy as husband and wife.  How does the Lord look upon the sexual love between husband and wife?

3.  Chapter 5:2-8 is best understood as happening in a dream of the beloved, longing for her lover and then he is gone.  This helps explain why watchmen inJerusalemwould beat her.  If night guards had done this in reality, Solomon would have them executed!  How does it seem to us at times that Jesus is gone?  Remember, it’s only a dream!  What “watchmen” in this world would attack the church?  Remember that a watchman is supposed to be on your side!  And a watchman was also a description of whom in Ezekiel 3:17?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – Song of Songs 1-3

1.  Song of Songs is one of most difficult books in the Bible to interpret. It is a description of the romantic love between a man and a woman. There are two main characters (the lover, the man and the beloved, the woman) with friends acting as a sort of chorus. Is Solomon teaching lessons about human love only?  Or is its intent to picture the love between Christ and his church?   In Ephesians 5:22-3 Paul speaks about the relationship of husbands and wives and he is at the same time speaking about the relationship of Christ and the church. Both bonds are a great mystery. The church over the centuries has interpreted Song of Songs in this way:  a beautiful poem of the love between a man and a woman, which is picturing the love between Christ and his people.

2.  Why might God devote an entire book of the Bible to the subject of romantic love?  If this is also about Jesus and his bride, what does this tell you about the closeness of our relationship with Jesus?

3.  The Lover and the Beloved are separated – it is not yet time to be together.  Note 2:7b, which is also repeated in 3:5b.  At times it seems that Jesus in nowhere near us.  When is the last time you felt that way?   The rest of Chapter 3 seems to describe the wedding, with King Solomon arriving for the festivities.  When will we experience the wedding feast with Christ in its fullness, so that there will no longer be a seeming separation?  See Rev. 19:6-8.

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