Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday  – Ruth 3-4

1.  A key thought in these chapters is “kinsman-redeemer.”   God’s commands for this are in Lev. 25, especially verse 25.  The idea of a redeemer is to pay what is needed for another relative.  This is the same word that Job uses in the famous passage Job 19:25!  This is a picture of Jesus!  From what did he redeem us?  With what did he pay?

2.  God turned Naomi’s bitterness into joy. She is able to care for her grandson and rejoice!  How does the way things turn out encourage us when we face bitter times in life?

3. Use the genealogy at the end to determine what was the relationship between Ruth and King David.  This also puts Ruth, a “foreigner”, as an important part of whose family tree?   See Matthew 1:5.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday  – Ruth 1-2

1.   Ruth is a wonderful little book from the time of the Judges.  Locate Bethlehem and Moabon a map.  They are on opposite sides of the Dead Sea.  What circumstances led Naomi to return home toBethlehem?  What is Naomi concerned about if her daughters-in-law return with her?  See 1:11-13.  Why would they have a hard time finding a husband inBethlehem?  See Deut. 7:3. What challenges do Christians face today in finding godly spouses?

2. Ruth insisted on going with Naomi  and she made one of the most beautiful statements of faith in Scripture, 1:16,17.  How does each part of her statement show her faith?  Why is this used so often as a passage for weddings?

3.  The Lord had commanded that “gleaning” be allowed, which is to pick up whatever grain was left in the field after the main harvesters had done their job.  This was one way to provide for the poor and widows.  Can you think of an example of gleaning today?  (How about the bread from Publix?)

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