Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – Romans 15-16

1.   What are some reasons that the Scriptures were written?  See 15:4.

2.  We can tell from 15:23-29 when Paul wrote this letter to the Roman Christians sometime near the end of his third missionary journey.  Paul plans to visit them after returning toJerusalem, but he gets delayed by getting arrested!  After about 4 years, Paul actually got there in a way that he didn’t intend.  See Acts 26:30 to 27:1.  In what ways has the Lord worked out your life in ways you didn’t originally intend?

3.  Paul warns the Romans about the false teachers in 16:17-18.  When people bring false teaching, what are they doing?   See the answer in verse 18.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – Romans 13-14

1.  Romans 13:1-7 is about the government.  In Paul’s day,Romewas corrupt and would soon be persecuting Christians, yet note what he says.  In what ways are some American Christians today ignoring this passage?

2.  Chapter 14 deals with those things that are not specifically commanded in the Bible.  What example is mentioned in 14:2?   In 14:5?  Can you think of others?

3.  How are we to handle those who are having a problem with this?  See 14:19,20.

4.  A verse to memorize is14:17.  What is thekingdomofGodall about?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – Romans 12

1.  Now that we are God’s people, the new “Israel,” how are we going to worship?  Read 12:1-2 for the answer.

2.  We worship every day by using our spiritual gifts.  In Paul’s list, 12:6-8, where do you see yourself?

3.  Our worship means putting love into action.  How are we to treat those who have hurt us? The answer is at the end of the chapter.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday – Romans 9-11

1.  Chapter 9 is an involved discussion about who the true “Israel” is and how we came to be a part of it.  To get the main thoughts, answer the following questions:  Who are the true Israelites, according to 9:8?  How did we get to be a part of that, according to 9:16?  

2.  Read 10:8-13.  How are we saved?  Who is this for?  What does that lead us to do, 10:14-16?

3.  Look at 11:5-6.  Grace, we remember, is God’s undeserved love.  What does this passage say to those religions that require good works for salvation?  Why does a dependence on works for salvation destroy the meaning of God’s grace?

4.  If Israel was God’s original family tree, what are we as Gentile believers?  See 11:17.  That is why Paul can now say that all “Israel” will be saved, 11:26.  It is all based on what facts, according to the Old Testament passages Paul quotes in 11:26-27?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – Romans 8

1.  Paul points out that the law could not save us because of what?  8:3.  How do we meet all of its requirements?   It’s all about Jesus!   How then shall we live?   See 8:9-11.

2.  Because of the Holy Spirit working in us, we are no longer slaves, but what?  8:14.  What can we now call the holy and almighty God?

 3.  Memorize 8:28, if you don’t know it already.  What precious promise does God make to his believers?  Why is this encouraging when we face difficulties in our lives?

4.  According to 8:32, how far is God willing to go to care for you?  Why is this passage so valuable when we face doubts about his love for us?

5.  Paul lists many of the enemies we face.  Because of Jesus, what does he call us in 8:37?    Why cannot we be defeated?  See the comforting answer in 8:38-39.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday – Romans 7

1.  Paul uses an illustration from marriage to show that you cannot marry another until the first spouse dies.  We were first “married” to the law, and need to be married to Christ.  But first, a death has to happen.  Who dies?  See 7:4.  If you’re not sure how this happened, then look back to 6:3.  What does that mean for our daily life?  See 7:6. 

2. Even though we need to be separated from the law, Paul points out that the law in and of itself is not bad, 7:7-13.   Why?  What does the law show us?  Why is it important that we are shown that? 

3.  In 7:15-24, Paul talks about the spiritual battle we all face: our sinful nature living in us versus our life of faith.  How have you felt that battle in your life today? 

 4.  In 7:24, after reflecting on all of his sins, Paul asks the question “Who will rescue me from this body of death?”  How does his answer encourage you in your ongoing spiritual battle?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – Romans 6

1.   Paul explains that in our baptisms, two things happened:  We died and were buried with Christ and we rose to new life with Christ.    What does it mean to be buried with Christ?  See 6:5-7 for answers.

2.  What does it mean to be raised with Christ?  See 6:8-11 for answers.

3.  So what will we do with these facts?  See 6:12-14 for answers.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – Romans 5

1.  The TV evangelist says:  “If you believe in Jesus, he will deliver you from all afflictions and troubles.”  What does Paul say about that in 5:1-5?  

2.  Your friend says:  “What possible purpose could God have in letting me suffer like this?”  What answer could you give him from these first 5 verses?

3.  In 5:12-19, Paul compares two men, one who brought death and the other who brought life.  Who are these two men?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – Romans 4

1.   Justification by faith alone was not a brand new concept, just a forgotten one.  In Romans

4:1-3, who is Paul’s example of justification by faith?   Where in Genesis was this taught? (see footnote)  

2.  A sign of being Jewish was circumcision.  Paul makes the point that Abraham was justified by faith before God gave circumcision.  So what does that make Abraham?  4:11,16.

2.  In Romans 4:18-25, Paul shows what Abraham’s faith was like.  What impossible thing did he believe?   What impossible thing do we believe?  (see 4:24)

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday – Romans 3

1.  After condemning those who think they’re so great because they are of Jewish background (2:17-29), Paul shoots down arguments that say that God has no right to judge us, in 3:3-8. He makes his main point about the law in 3:9-12.   Why is this message rejected in today’s world?

2.   To sum up the law portion of his letter, Paul concludes with 3:20.  Now it’s time for the Gospel, 3:21-31.   In this classic discussion of justification, it is very important to understand that God must give us righteousness to be saved, because we cannot do it ourselves.  How can a person be right with God?  For whom has God done this?

3. With Christ’s righteousness, God justifies us, or declares us righteous, by his grace alone.  How do we receive it?  Find the key verse that is the classic statement of salvation by grace through faith and not by works.

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