Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday    Job 29-31

1.  Job contrasts the way things used to be (Chapter 29),  with the way things are now (Chapter 30).   When times were good, how did he feel about God?  (29:4,5).  Now that times are bad, how does he feel about God?  (30:20-22).   Which is the truth all the time?

2.   What does this teach you about depending on your feelings?

3.  In Chapter 31, Job takes his case to court, and makes his defense by the record of his life.  He has done his very best in godly living!  He now awaits the Judge’s answer.  What answer is Job expecting?   What answer does he deserve, if it all depends on his good works?  See Romans 3:10-12.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday   Job 25-28

1.  Chapter 25, Bildad’s final speech, is very short.  His final parting “shot” is that God is awesome and mankind is awful.  (So Job, how can you know anything?).  In Chapter 26, Job agrees about God’s power.  Ponder especially 26:14.  God’s power in creation is like a  ____________ compared to God’s full power, which is like ______________.

2.  In Chapter 27, Job talks about God’s justice.  He feels the Lord has denied him justice (27:2).  Why?   Hint:  In the rest of the chapter, he describes what the wicked deserve to get from God.   How much of that has happened to him?

3.  In Chapter 28, Job ponders God’s wisdom.   Man can find riches hidden away in the earth.  But we cannot find hidden wisdom.   How to we get it?  See 28:28.   Paul says the same thing in 1 Corinthians 2:9,10.

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