Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – Revelation 22

1.   We find a new Garden of Eden in 22:1-7.  In the original garden, Adam and Eve were barred from eating of the tree of life.  What do we learn about it now?  “No longer will there be any curse.”  What is that referring to?   Remember what brought about the curse in the first Garden of Eden

 2.  What does the Lord warn us not to do in 22:18-19?   Think of examples where people have done both things today.

3.    When the Lord ends his entire Holy Book, what is the last thing he wants us to know?   Why would Jesus say “soon” when it has been almost 2,000 years since he promised this?  Does Jesus’ coming inspire you with fear or with joy?


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Study the Bible in Two Years

 Friday – Revelation 21

1.  The last two chapters of Revelation are a joy!! And our blessed future is easy to understand, even if it is still in the form of symbolic visions.  What comfort does 21:1-7 give you in the face of dealing with the death of your loved ones?

 2.  John sees a hugeHolyCity, the New Jerusalem. How big is it?  See the footnote to 21:16.   What name is given to the city?  See 21:9.  This shows us that above all, the city is the gathering of all believers.  What is written on the gates?  What is written on the foundation?  Why?  See Ephesians 2:20.

3.  Why do the people of ancient times shut the gates of city at night?  What does 21:25 tell you about the gates of this city?  What does this tell you about one of the blessings of this city?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – Revelation 20

Introduction:  This chapter has been misinterpreted to mean that there will be a 1000 year reign of Jesus on this earth.  The main reasons for this wrong interpretation are:

A.  Since there was judgment at the end of chapter 19, some feel that chapter 20 must come after that.  They don’t understand that Judgment Day appears multiple times, and that this is the start of a new set of visions.

B. People think that they must take the number literally, when it is a prime example of the number symbolism in Revelation.  10x10x10=1,000 which means the complete time from Satan’s downfall at the time of Christ until the end of the world.  The Lord didn’t use the actual number of years because he doesn’t want us to know!!

This chapter, like the rest of Revelation, is a series of 3 visions that John “saw”.

Scene 1:  Satan is bound for 1,000 years.                    20:1-3

Scene 2:  Jesus and the saints rule for 1,000 years.      20:4-10

Scene 3:  Jesus is on the throne, judging all the dead.  20:11-15

1.  Before the end, Satan will be set free for a short time, 20:3.   This corresponds with what Jesus said in Matthew 24:24.  It is more fully explained in 20:7-8.  Why do you think the Lord will let Satan have so much power right near the end?

2.  Confusion results because of a poor translation about the saints who reign with Christ.  20:4 says that they “came to life” which makes you think of Resurrection Day.  Literally it says that they “lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.  How do the saints rule in heaven now?  See Luke 22:29-30.  How might the saints on earth rule with and for Christ now?  See  John 20:23

3.  We have the Resurrection and Judgment Day in 20:15.  How do you get your name written in the book of life?  How can you know for sure that your name is in it?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday – Revelation 18-19

1.  Concerning this church that has abandoned the truth and any others with the same problem) what does the Lord tell the Christians to do?  See 18:4.  How do you get this message across to those you know who are caught up in the false churches?

2.  The harlot has fallen, but now God’s true Bride enters for the Wedding banquet and celebration.  Concentrate on 19:6-9.   Who is the bride?  What does she wear?   Who is invited to the celebration?

3.  The Rider on the White Horse comes in for Judgment Day!  How is he described that let’s you know that this is Jesus?   What does he use to “slaughter” the gathered enemies? 19:15. What happens to his two major enemies – the beast and the false prophet?   Remember that the graphic nature of John’s vision will not happen literally.  It is intended to show us how terrible it will be to fall under the judgment of the Lord.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – Revelation 17

1.  This vision is the most complicated, especially if you try to identify all the details.  We will stick with the basics.  Who is the scarlet beast on which the woman rides?  The beast of the sea (chapter 13) also had seven heads and ten horns.  We identified it as the antichristian governments over all the periods of history.  This still fits well, especially when you see 17:10. There were 5 major world powers before the rise of theRoman Empire.  There is another that will come after theRoman Empirefades.  What will this beast do?  See 17:14.

2.  Sitting on top of the beast is a woman who has become a prostitute.  The last time John saw a woman in the desert, it was a picture of the church, 12:13-17.  Now she is a vile creature, full of adulteries.  She is identified with what city in 17:5?   That city was the greatest enemy of God’s people.  It was never rebuilt, and the Lord said it would not be rebuilt.  So what city is this?  See 17:9.  There is a city that is still known as the city on seven hills.  17:18 clinches it.

This prostitute is based in __________.

3.  To put it all together:  this prostitute is the powerful, wealthy corruption of the church based in the city of world power.  She will have control of the antichristian governments, at least for a time.    Saddest of all, what she has done to the saints?  7:6.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday – Revelation 15-16

1.  Chapter 15 introduces us to the next series of seven – the 7 bowls of plague.  Once again we hear the saints singing in heaven!  Note the rhetorical question in 15:4.   For what reasons do people in this world refuse to fear the Lord?    (It is upon them that these bowls of wrath fall).  Think of times when you might take God’s presence and power for granted.

2.  You might notice that the 7 trumpets (Chapters 8-9)  and the 7 bowls are similar.  The 6th Trumpet and Bowl both describe “Armageddon.”  The 7th Trumpet and Bowl both picture Judgment Day.     What do God’s punishments lead the wicked to do?  See 16:9,11.   What should the bowls lead them to do?

3.  Many people think that the great battle of Armageddon is going to be the last major earthly war in theMiddle East.  What features in John’s vision show that this is not a literal battle, but a spiritual one?  Look for things that could not happen literally.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – Revelation 14

1.  Chapter 13 makes it seem that Satan is winning.  We need a different view, to remember who really is in control. John now sees the church, the 144,000, marked with the name of the Lord.  When were you “marked” with the name of our saving God?

2.   The three angels (messengers) have important messages to share.  In spite of all the persecution, where is the Gospel going to be preached?  How does this compare with what Jesus said about the end of the world in Matthew 24:14?

3.  What will happen to those who have followed the beasts?  14:9-11. Note especially what happens to them, even before judgment, in 14:11.  What about those who have died with faith in the Lord?  Underline or circle 14:13 in your Bible.  That is why we don’t have to fear anything in the great Harvest Day, 14:14-20!

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – Revelation 13

1.  This vision  of the Beast out of the Sea is almost incomprehensible, without a knowledge of Daniel 7.   Daniel saw four separate animals:  1. lion =Babylon.  2.  bear =Persia.  3. leopard with 4 heads =Greece.   4. terrifying beast with iron teeth and 10 horns =Roman Empire.

Add all these beasts together and how many heads do you have?

In John’s vision, all 4 animals have been combined into one terrible beast with 7 heads and 10 horns.  Who also has 7 heads and 10 horns?  Look back at 12:3.  Best interpretation: This beast is a composite of all antichristian governments, not just theRoman empire, but all  such governments until the end of the world.

2.  Note 13:3  “The fatal wound had been healed.” As soon as one persecuting government or power fails, another rises to take its place.  In John’s day, Nero was replaced by Domitian.  Note how this beast is described in 13:5-8.  In John’s day, Roman emperors demanded that they be worshipped.  Their subjects had to address them as “Lord,” or “God,” or even “Savior.”  Those Christians who refused were put to death.

3.  The next major enemy of the Christian church is introduced as the “Beast out of the Earth.”  He has the appearance of a lamb, but speaks like a dragon.  Confer Matt. 7:15 – Watch out for false prophets.  They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ferocious wolves.

This beast is called the False Prophet in Rev. 16:13 and 19:20.  Who does he promote and force people to worship?   Conclusion:  This beast stands for all antichristian religions. When false religion and antichristian governments get together, it is always lethal for Christians.

4.  The “Mark of the Beast,” 666, is introduced.  It is so important to remember that this is not a literal mark on people, but this is what John saw in his vision.  The mark is no more a real tattoo than the Beast of the Sea is a real beast.  If you are a Christian and refuse to follow the orders of your government (if it is antichristian) you can expect persecution. You don’t get into college, you don’t get a decent job, you are shunned by your neighbors.  Or worse.  Why “666”?  Best interpretation: God’s covenant number with us is 7. The devil always tries to imitate the true God, but falls short.  His number is triple failure.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – Revelation 12

1.  A whole new set of visions now begins.  Whose birth does John see in this vision?  Who is the “dragon” that opposes him?  In real life, how did the “dragon” try to devour the child at the time he was born?

2.  John sees a war taking place in heaven, between the good and bad angels.  Some have interpreted this have taken place when Satan first rebelled against God in the first days of the world.  The best interpretation:  this was the battle that took place when Jesus died on the cross and rose again.  Why?  Note the contents of the song. 12:10-12.  And then note what the devil tries to do in 12:13-17.

3.  The woman must represent more than just Mary, the mother of Jesus.  It would make sense she represents the whole nation from which Jesus came, especially the true believers in Jesus among the Jewish nation.  Does the devil succeed?  Who then does he pursue, 12:17?  How does the devil try to sweep us away today?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday – Revelation 11

1.  This chapter is difficult to interpret.  We know this:  ThetempleofGodis the sum of all the believers.   The two witnesses are to remind us of two Old Testament prophets, Elijah and Moses.  See 11:6 for that.  Fire coming from their mouths is the condemning word of God:

“I will make my words in your mouth a fire, and these people the wood it consumes” (Jeremiah  5:14).  These witnesses are killed and the people rejoice!  They are resurrected at the end of the world, which the seventh trumpet announces.

2.  Best interpretation:  The two witnesses stand for all those who testify to Jesus and have died for their faith.  Unbelievers may rejoice when they are dead, but they won’t rejoice anymore on the day of resurrection.  For us: the persecution may be severe, but what can we look forward to on the day of judgment?  See 11:10.

3.  Number symbolism: 42 months = 1260 days = 3 ½ years = time, times and half a time.

This is a symbolic way of depicting the whole Christian era until Christ returns. The number originates in Daniel’s prophecy of the time of Christ (half of the final seven, Dan. 9:27).  From the destruction of the temple to the end of the world is one-half of seven.  The number refers to the broken covenant, and is connected with the false teachers  in the church, led by Satan.  They always break God’s truth in half, give deceptive “half-truths.”  What are some of the half-truths that you need to deal with in our world today?

4. The seventh trumpet finally sounds and John sees what?  What is inside God’s temple in heaven, 11:19?   This had disappeared—it was last mentioned in the days of King Josiah, 625 BC.  It stands for God’s special presence with his people.  Our chapter ends with a description of the last day.

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