Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – Psalms 147-150

1.  Psalm 147 gives us many reasons to praise the Lord.  But what gives delight to Him?  See 147:10,11.

2.  Note who praises the Lord in Psalm 148. How do the many parts of God’s creation praise him and give him glory?  What thoughts does that give you about how we can praise him without actually using words?

3.  See Psalm 149:6.  What is the double-edged sword with which may praise the Lord as well as take care of God’s enemies?   If you’re not sure, check Hebrews 4:12.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday – Psalms 144-146

1.  We finish the Bible’s songbook with hymns of praise!  In Psalm 144, David praises the Lord who will win the battles for him.  What battles do we fight, for which we call on the Lord for his strength and help

2.  Psalm 145 praises the Lord for the blessings that he gives to all people, not justIsrael.  Find the verses that show this, including two verses that are often used as a prayer at meal time.

3.  Psalm 146 reminds us about whom we should trust for all things.  Why doesn’t it work to trust in rulers or governments?  See 146:3,4.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – Psalms 141-143

1.   The first two verse of Psalm 141 may be familiar to you, as we sometimes use them in evening services.  To what does David compare his prayers?  Note:  the “lifting up of my hands” is what they did with their hands when they prayed.

2.  Psalm 142 is one of David’s prayers while he was hiding in a cave, trying to escape the murderous intent of King Saul.  The incident is recorded in 1 Samuel 24.  Have you ever felt trapped in a cave with no way out?  How did the Lord provide the way out?

3.  Psalm 143 is another song from that time of trouble for David.  When he is in despair, what does he think about that helps him?  143:5.  What things does he pray for when times are tough?   Ponder each petition in verses 7-12.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – Psalms 138-140

1.  What things from God do we have that of highest importance?  See 138:2.

2. When you think you can “get away with” something, how does Psalm 139:1-6 warn you? When you’re all alone, what other message do these same verses give you?

3.  What does Psalm 139:13-16 tell you about how the Lord made you and every human being, right from conception?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – Psalms 135-137

1.  Following the pattern of Psalm 135, for what other mighty deeds of the Lord will you praise him?

2.  Following the pattern of Psalm 136, what things do you want to thank God for, which he has given you out of his love and grace?

3.  Psalm 137 was written during the time of the Babylonian captivity, sometime afterJerusalemwas destroyed byBabylonin 586 BC.  What do you think of the way the Psalm ends?  How can this be in the Word of God?  Yet remember that the writer is a believer who desires that God would bring about vengeance of the same kind thatBabylonbrought onJerusalem.  Compare Romans 12:19-20 for the proper attitude toward enemies and who should take revenge.  Note that the writer of the Psalm is not planning to do it himself.  What enemies would desire to keep us away from our “Jerusalem,” our heavenly home?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – Psalms 130-134

1.  Psalm 130 answers the question:  How can we go from the depths of sin and travel up to God’s house and expect to stand in the presence of the Lord?  Remember that only Jesus makes this possible!

2.  Psalm 132 leads us to remember David, who desired to build the Lord’s house.  This is also about the future king from David’s line!  Can you see Jesus in verse 11?  How about verse 17?  (“my anointed one” = “my Messiah”)  What comfort does verse 18 give you about Jesus?

3.  What encouragement does 133:1 give us as we gather in God’s house?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday – Psalms 126-129

1. Psalm 126:  The pilgrim going to Jerusalem thinks of how the people came back to their capital city after the 70 years of the Babylonian captivity.  It was such a joyful thing that they couldn’t believe it: “Am I dreaming?”   What great things has the Lord done for us (v. 3) that we are filled with such joy?

2.  Psalms 127-128 are “family” Psalms.  In each Psalm, find 3 blessings that the Lord brings to our families.

3.  In Psalm 129, Israel’s “youth” was the time when they were in Egypt in slavery. Those who hate Zion (God’s people) will not be blessed.  This thought is reminiscent of God’s famous promise to Abraham, Genesis 12:3.  Apply this to the enemies of true believers today. How can God’s curses upon them be turned into blessings?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – Psalms 120-125

1.  Starting with Psalm 120, there are 15 “Psalms of Ascents.”  These were sung by the Jewish pilgrims as they traveled to Jerusalem for the 3 major feasts.  They are called “ascent” because no matter which way you come to Jerusalem, you go up in elevation.  Think of 12 year old Jesus with his parents, singing these songs on the way from Nazareth to Jerusalem for the Passover.  Read Psalm 121 with the thought of traveling to Jerusalem and looking up to the hills of the city in the distance. As you travel today, the Psalm assures us over and over again that the Lord is doing what?

2.  Read Psalm 122.  We pilgrims are rejoicing to do what?

3.  There are dangers on the road!  What dangers are described in Psalm 124?  What dangers do you face as you travel through life?

4.  What does the Lord do for us, like the mountains around Jerusalem? See Psalm 125:2.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday –  Psalm 119:89-176

1.  The most famous verse of this Psalm is verse 105.  What darknesses are in your life right now, that the Word of God might be the light to show you the way?

2.  God’s Word is more valuable than what?  See verse 127.  Because his Word is right, how will we react to sinful or wrong ways?  See verse 128.  Is that how you react to lifestyles or habits that you know are wrong?

3.  Besides the Word of God, what is important for your devotional life?  Hint:  The entire Psalm is talking to whom?  How many times a day is it good to praise Him?  See verse 164.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – Psalm 119, 1-88

1.  Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible.  It is a unique Psalm which is built on the Hebrew alphabet, which has 22 letters.   All 8 verses of each of the 22 sections start with the same letter of the alphabet.  Each section is labeled with the name of that letter.  We call such a poem an “acrostic.”  What is the subject of the entire Psalm?  Go to the middle verse, 119:89 for the simple answer.

2.  The first section, Aleph, uses 5 different words for the Word of God.  These words will be used repeatedly throughout the Psalm.  What are those 5 words?   Note: one of those words, “law” or Torah, means more than commandments.  It literally means “teachings.”

3.  What is the secret to living a pure life?  See 119:9-12.

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