Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – Philippians 4

1.   Remember that Paul is under house arrest inRomeas he writes this letter.  Why does that make his words in 4:4-6 so surprising?  What encouragement do you receive from that?

2.  Instead of getting bogged down in quarrels and dissatisfaction, what does Paul encourage us to think about  (verse 8)?

3.  What was Paul’s “secret of being content” (verse 12)?

4.   How does Paul describe the gifts he received from the Philippians to support his ministry (verse 19)?   Apply that thought to the gifts that you give for the Lord’s work.


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – Philippians 3

1.   Now that he has Jesus, Paul considers his earlier spiritual life to be “rubbish.” Why?      See verse 9.

2.   Paul compares our whole Christian life on earth to a race, vv. 13-14.  In our race of life, what does Paul encourage us to do?

3.  What contrast does Paul strike between the people he describes in verses 18 and 19 and us?

What do we have to look forward to when Christ returns?


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – Philippians 2

1.  If the attitudes Paul describes in verses 1-4 are missing, what can happen in a Christian home?   A Christian congregation?

2.  Paul encourages to follow Christ’s example in this.  How does he describe Christ’s perfect humility?   What was Jesus willing to give up?

3.  In what way do we Christians “shine like stars in the universe” (verse 15)?


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday – Philippians 1

1.  How does Paul demonstrate his love for his fellow Christians?  How can you show that same type of love to your brothers and sisters in the faith during the week?  On Sundays?

2.  How did God make good use of Paul’s bad situation (his imprisonment)?  Have you ever seen God’s hand working in the difficult moments of your life?

3.  Read Paul’s famous words in verses 21-24.  Why might a Christian look forward to his death?  Why might a Christian desire to remain on the earth?


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