Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – Philemon

1.   Paul’s letter to Philemon was written while Paul was in Rome the first time, along with his letters to the Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians.  We know from Colossians 4:9 that Philemon lives there!  Who is mentioned in that verse?   He is Philemon’s runaway slave who has become a Christian!  What’s happening in Philemon’s house in Colossae?  See verse 2.

2.  When you share your faith with others, what good thing does this do for you?  See verse 6.

3.  Verse 11 is a pun over Onesimus’ name, which means “useful.”   Because of Christ, Onesimus can now live up to his name!  How should Philemon look upon him now?  See verse 16.  Once again, apply that to Christian employers and employees.

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