Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday     Obadiah

1.  This short little book is a message to Edom, which was the small kingdom south of the Dead Sea.  Their chief city was at Mt. Seir, which was later called Petra.  The people were descendants of Esau, so they were directly related to Israel, but they were never friends to God’s people.  We don’t know exactly when Obadiah lived, but his message is very similar to Jeremiah 49, so our best guess is that they were “gloating” over the destruction of Judah and Jerusalem at the time the Babylonians defeated Judah.  They thought their mountain fortress was impregnable. But who will defeat them?  See verse 7.

2. Edom rejoiced over Israel’s destruction.  Today, where do you see examples of those who rejoice over the misfortunes of Christ’s church?

3.  “The day of the Lord is near,” verse 15.  Obadiah warns them of the coming destruction.  He is one of the first to use this phrase.   Verse 16 is graphic illustration:  Just as they had a drunken party over the defeat of God’s people and the destruction of the temple on “my holy hill,” so Edom and all the unbelieving nations won’t be able to stop drinking – of the wrath of God poured out on them.  How will the unbelieving nations react when Jesus comes for the day of the Lord?  See Revelation 6:15-17.  What must we be doing before then?  What “Edom” must we also warn?

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