Study the Bible in Two Years

 Saturday – Nahum 1-3

The prophet Nahum grew up in Galilee nearCapernaum.  His prophecy was written to comfort the people ofJudah, even though it is mostly about the Assyrian empire, andNineveh, its capital.  Assyria had conquered the northern kingdom ofIsraelin 723 BC, so Nahum grew up under the rule of the Assyrians.  We can date his book to within 50 years, between 664 and 612 BC.   His message announces the doom and  destruction ofNineveh, which the Babylonians destroyed in 612 BC.

1. For those who think they can oppose the Lord, what is the main message in 1:2-6?   For those who trust in him, what is Nahum’s message?  See 1:7 and 15.

2.  Nahum describes the destruction ofNinevehin chapter 2.  The destruction ofNinevehwas so complete, that when Alexander the Great visited the place 3 centuries later, he didn’t even recognize the ruins. A number of Greek historians knew there was once a mighty city in that area, but it had been destroyed so completely that all traces ofNinevehhad disappeared.  The place whereNinevehstood was unknown to modern man until the mid 1800’s, when archeologists were able to definitely identify the site in their excavations.  What does all of this teach you about God and his dealing with mankind?

3.  With graphic word pictures, the Lord describes the destruction ofAssyriaand its capital in chapter 3.   Why are they doomed for obliteration?  See 3:4, 19.  What encouragement does this give God’s people then, and now?

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