Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – Micah 7

1.  When people won’t listen to the Lord, what kinds of things happen in their society?  Pick out examples in 7:2-6.     Jesus quotes verse 6 in Matthew 10:34-36.  According to Jesus, what is one cause of the strife and division in the family?

2.   See 7:8-9.  In God’s court, what do we deserve?  Can we take care of our own sin?  Who is now pleading for us in court?  What does he do for us?

3.  Note 7:15.  When and how do you think this was fulfilled?  It is because of those wonders that 7:18-19 are true!!

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday  – Micah 6

1.  It’s time to go to court.  The Lord is doing what in this courtroom?   Note that he does not charge them with specific sins here – he has mentioned them before.  But when he mentions all that he had done for them, 6:3-5, he is convicting the people of what?  How are we guilty of the same charge?

2.  How does Micah respond for the people?  See 6:6-8. What does the Lord not need or want?  What does he desire?

3.  Because of their impenitence, what things just won’t work right for them?  See 6:14-15.  For us too, we can expect what kinds of problems if we don’t listen to the Lord?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday  – Micah 5

1.  Micah’s prophecy in 5:2 is the most famous passage in his book, because it tells where the promised Messiah and ruler would be born.  What little town is it?  (Ephrathah was its original name).  Where does this ruler come from?  See footnote in NIV.

2.  Who looked up this passage in the Bible when the Magi showed up, asking where they could find the newborn King of the Jews?   See Matthew 2:4-6.

3.  What else will this promised Ruler do for them—and us?  See 5:4-5.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – Micah 3-4

1.  There are three types of leaders:  kings, priests and prophets.   Micah summarizes their sins in 3:9-11.  Yet, how do they react when it comes to the Lord?  See the end of verse 11.  It’s the same today when people think:  “It doesn’t matter how you live, as long as you believe in Jesus.”
How does the Lord react to such thinking?  See 3:12.

2.  Micah 4:1-5 is so important that God gave the exact same message to Isaiah (2:1-5).  Can you guess which verse is carved on the foundation of the UN Building in NYC?  What kind of peace do they want?  What kind of peace does the Lord offer the world in Christ Jesus?  When will this passage be completely fulfilled?

3.  First however,Judahwill be disciplined. Where will they go? See 4:10.   When God’s people go through trials and tribulations today, unbelievers scoff like they do in 4:11.  What is God’s answer for when we’re perplexed about what is happening?  See 4:12.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday – Micah 1-2

1.   At the beginning of his book, Micah tells us when God’s Word came to him.  These three kings ruled overJudahfrom 750-700 BC. During this time, 722 BC, the northern kingdom (Israel, capitalSamaria) was taken captive by the Assyrians.  Micah is a contemporary of Isaiah. His poetic prophecies are filled with imagery.  The second half of chapter 1 is a constant play on words, or puns, having to do with the meaning of the city names. See the footnotes.   Why is the Lord “coming down” from heaven?  What’s going to happen and why?  See 1:4-5.   What’s going to happen when Jesus “comes down” one more time?

2. Israelis mortally wounded, and its infection has spread toJudah. (See 1:9).  What are some of the sins from our American society (a society that used to be more Christian, like that northern kingdom) that are infecting God’s people today?

3.  How do “prophets” today “prophesy plenty of wine and beer” (2:11)?  See 2 Timothy 4:1-5 for more ideas on that.

4.  In the midst of this condemnation, Micah also shares the Gospel.  Ponder 2:12-13 most of all.  It’s fulfilled in Jesus!  What will he do for them (and us) in verse 12?   From what captivity will he break open the way to freedom, according to verse 13?

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