Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – Matthew 28         

1.  Jesus overpowered death when he rose from the dead!  Why is this the key to our Christian faith? What comfort does it give you as you draw nearer to your own death?

 2.   How have you followed Jesus´ great commission to make disciples of all nations?  Look for an opportunity to share your faith with a person who needs to hear the good news about a Savior. 

 3.  To the disciples that day, it must have seemed like an impossible task to make disciples of all nations.  What did Jesus say to give them (and us!) strength and courage to fulfill his commission?


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday – Matthew 26-27

1.  Jesus was in thegardenofGethsemaneand returned to find his disciples sleeping.  How have you been guilty of spiritually sleeping instead of being alert in your faith? Pray for help, like Jesus did in the garden.

 2.  We see Peter deny knowing Jesus to escape persecution.  In what situations have we been tempted to deny that we are Christians?

 3.  Matthew 27:   Jesus was now alone.  A disciple betrayed him.  The other disciples abandoned him.    The leaders of his own people condemned him.  Now he was in front of a government that had the power to let him go or kill him.  Did anyone defend Jesus?    How did the following people act as God’s witnesses that Jesus was who he said he was.

  • The wife of Pilate (vs. 18-19)
  • Pilate himself (vs. 23-24)
  • The centurion who crucified him (vs. 54)
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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday:  Matthew 24-25

  1. It is helpful to know that Jesus is answering two different questions in this section about things to come.  Note the two questions in v. 3.  Jesus tells about what will happen toJerusalemin the middle of his prophecies of the end of the world.   Read again vs. 44-46. In what sense is Jesus’ second coming like a thief coming at night? What can you do about the timing? What can you do about being prepared? 
  2. In Biblical times, a talent was a large sum of money, more like our “million.”  The talents in our parable, 25:14, happen to correspond with the talents and abilities which the Lord has given us.  Which of your talents are you using for God and others?  Is there anything that you’re good at that is hidden away, unused?    Note Jesus’ warning!
  3. In the picture of the sheep and the goats, Jesus links our faith with our deeds.  Note that the judgment is done first, and then Jesus points to the evidence of faith (or lack of it) by their deeds.   His main point for us now:  What can you do for Jesus?
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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday:  Matthew 22-23

  1. As Jesus is confronted with a question about taxes to an unpopular government, how does he respond?  What shall we give to Caesar?  What shall we give to God?
  2. How does Jesus sum up all of the commandments?  How well have you done this week in keeping these two?    Bring your thoughts (and confession) to the Lord in prayer.
  3. Before we start thinking that the Pharisees must be terrible people, and they deserve Jesus’ pronouncement of woes, then ponder how you fit into 23:3. 


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday:  Matthew 20-21

     1.  Where do you fit in the parable of the workers in the vineyard?   If you have been a  Christian all of your life, have you ever felt God is unfair when he forgives those who believe toward the end of their lives?  What is our problem?

     2.  When the disciples started to compete over who was most important, even one of their mothers got into the action!  Eagerly, these two disciples said yes when Jesus asked them what question?  See 20:22.   They didn’t know what they were saying! What was Jesus’ cup going to be?  See 20:28.  What will true discipleship mean for us?    

      3.  Identify each of the subjects of the verse Jesus quoted in 21: 42.                                                 A.  “the stone”   B. “the builders”  C. those who think it’s marvelous                                                   How does this verse summarize what was happening that week in Jerusalem?


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday:  Matthew 18-19

  1. When we see a brother in the faith committing a sin, to whom only should we talk to about that sin?  What is the temptation for us when we see another committing a sin?
  2. It’s sad to see that the attitude toward divorce in Jesus’ day was not much different than today.  Even among the Jewish faithful, almost anything was allowed.  Now ponder the positive in verses 19: 4-6.  What did God say from the beginning about marriage? 
  3. Whether it’s sins in marriage or sins with money, what illustration did Jesus use to show how impossible it is to save ourselves?  See 19:22.
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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday:  Matthew 16-17

  1. What did Jesus mean by the sign of Jonah, 16:4?  If you’re not sure, turn back to Matthew 12:40. What kinds of miraculous signs do people want to get from Jesus today?
  2. In the discussion in 16:5-12, what is the “yeast’?  How much yeast does it take to work through the whole batch of dough?
  3. In 17:1-11, Jesus showed his glory as God on the mount of transfiguration (which means “change of appearance’).  How did Peter react to the sight?  Why do you think he wanted to do that?   Have you ever had an experience with God that you wished it would never end?   If not, that’s okay.   How many of the 12 disciples got to experience this event? 
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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday:  Matthew 14-15

  1. When John the Baptist was beheaded, what shows that even Jesus was shook up about it?  What events this week have happened that you don’t understand, and might be tempted to question God about?
  2. Why did Peter start to sink?  What lessons did Jesus want Peter and us to learn from this?
  3. In Matthew 15, we see a dispute about “uncleanness.”  How did the Pharisees define it?  How did Jesus define it?
  4. At first, it seems that Jesus was uncaring and even cruel toward the Canaanite woman.  Why did he act that way toward her?  What does this tell you about the days when it seems that Jesus doesn’t care about what is happening to you?


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – Matthew 12-13

  1. What does it mean to you when Jesus says that everyone that does his will are members of his family?  (12:50)    What privileges do we have as the brothers and sisters of Jesus?
  1. Jesus’ familiar parable of the sower and the seed causes us to ponder:  What kind of soil have you been this week?
  1. Jesus tells us that the Kingdom of heaven is like a hidden treasure.   (13:44)  In your life, what things do you sometimes put in front of God and his Word?  Ask forgiveness of God for all of the times that you have acted as if your treasure is something of this world.


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – Matthew 10-11

  1. Jesus said, “Don’t think that I came to bring peace to the earth, I didn’t come to bring peace but a sword,”   10:34.  What does this verse have to say to those who believe that the life of a Christian is going to be without difficulties?
  2.  Jesus points out that some people are never satisfied when it comes to church.  John the Baptist was too stern and strict, and Jesus is too loving and accepting of people. (11:16-19).  So are people to this day.  Instead of comparing personalities, what should they be checking out?  See the end of verse 19. 
  3. Jesus says to us, “Come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest,” 11:28.    When we are worried and tired, do you look to Jesus or somewhere else for rest?
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