Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday –  Mark 16

1.  Why were the women concerned about the stone that sealed the tomb? What does this tell us about their expectations on that morning?

2. How did the disciples receive the good news that the women and the Emmaus disciples brought them? Why did they respond in this way?

3. When the disciples finally believed in Jesus as the resurrected Lord, their lives changed dramatically. Has this truth affected you in the same way? Explain why or why not.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday– Mark 15

1.  How does the story of Barabbas illustrate what Jesus did for you?

2.  In the midst of all the ridicule and mockery of Jesus on the cross, things were different immediately after he died. What happened at the temple? How did the centurion react to all he saw?

3.  How would you explain to your neighbor when he asks:  “Why did Jesus have to die?”



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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – Mark 14

1.  At first, we likely would agree with the disciples:  that the woman’s expensive gift for Jesus was a touching gesture but wasteful.  Jesus disagreed.  It’s never a waste when we do things for the Lord.  What extravagant thing can you do for Jesus?

2.  Chapter 14 highlights the faithful love of Jesus versus the failures of the disciples.

As you ponder similar failures in your own life—betrayals, denials, falling asleep, recall why Jesus is going through all this suffering in the first place!

3.  It is apparent in this “kangaroo court” with the Sanhedrin that they had already made up their minds, they just needed to find an excuse to put Jesus to death.  Why did they hate Jesus so much?  Why do people today hate him?  Are the reasons similar or different?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – Mark 12-13

1. The Sadducees were the party that represented the aristocracy among the Jews. Although they were small in number, they had great political power. They accepted only the five books of Moses and denied life after death, the resurrection, as well as the existence of angels.  Notice how Jesus refutes them about these subjects in just one short paragraph, 12:24-27.  Many modern theologians today are like the Sadducees.  Why is important to accept everything that the Bible teaches?

2. You notice in 12:37 that the crowd is delighted when Jesus “stumps” the experts. What is the solution to Jesus’ “riddle” in this verse?

3.  Mark 13 is like Matthew 24.  It is important to remember that the middle section, 13:14-20 is about the destruction ofJerusalemin 70 AD, not about the end of the world.  Why does Jesus tell us about all the “bad stuff” that will happen before he returns?



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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday – Mark 11

1.  Mark’s Palm Sunday account illustrates Jesus’ complete power and complete humility at the same time. How does it show Jesus’ power? How does it show Jesus’ humility?

2. Jesus caused quite a scene in the temple.  Why was he so upset?

3.  What “strange” miracle did Jesus do with the fig tree?  He never did miracles without a good reason.  What do you think that reason is?

4.  Jesus talks about powerful prayer.  Is your prayer life full of trust? Or doubt?  What else may hinder your prayers?  (11:25)

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – Mark 10

1. Pharisees were usually very strict on God’s laws, but they were very permissive on the subject of divorce.  Jesus takes them back to the time when God created marriage.  How does this view of marriage differ from the world’s view of marriage?

2.  Can a camel go through the eye of a needle?  Can a rich man be saved?  There’s only one way, 10:27.   That also applies to us because as Americans we are rich in worldly wealth.  What makes it more challenging for rich people to be saved?

3. What bold request did James and John make?  What did Jesus mean with his question in 10:38?  For him, it meant the famous verse, 10:45.  What would that mean for these two disciples?  For us?


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday – Mark 9

1. What did Jesus teach his disciples on the mount of Transfiguration?  Why do you think Jesus told them to not spread the news of the Transfiguration until after he rose from the dead?

2.  What statement of the concerned father did Jesus question in 9:23?  How does the father’s reply show great honesty and wisdom?  What is happening in your life right now that causes you struggle with the same paradox?

3. How does Jesus’ definition of greatness differ from the world’s definition of greatness?

4. Is Jesus advocating the chopping off of limbs here, 9:43-47?   What causes you to sin: your hand or your heart?   What can we do in order to remove the part of our heart that loves to sin?


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – Mark 7-8

1.  The Jews had made extra rules about washing hands and dishes.  Why did they receive such a harsh rebuke from Jesus about this?  What point was Jesus making about their attempts to do pious works?

2. What makes a person clean or unclean in God’s sight?

3.  Why does Jesus call Peter, Satan?  What does it mean for you to deny yourself and take up a cross?  What crosses do you bear for your faith?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – Mark 5-6

1.  Why is it so comforting that Jesus healed Jairus’ daughter?  Why do we as Christians often talk about those who die as being “asleep”?  What does that remind us of?

2.  Why did the people of Jesus’ hometown have such a hard time believing in him?

3.  What did Jesus demonstrate to his disciples when he fed the 5000 men?   Why is it apparent in Jesus’ walking on water that the disciples didn’t understand the point that Jesus had tried to make to them?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – Mark 3-4

1.  How does Jesus disprove the Pharisee’s theory that Jesus was the devil?

2. Read 3:34-35.  Who does Jesus consider to be his mother and brother and sister?  What does this say about those who feel they need to pray to Mary in order to get Jesus’ attention?  Why can we be sure that he will listen to us when we pray to him?

3.  In the parable of the Growing Seed, Jesus compares the kingdom of God to a man scattering seed.  Notice that the man simply scatters the seed, he can not do anything to make it grow.  What does this tell us about outreach?  What is our job?  Who provides the results of our outreach?

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