Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday– Malachi 3-4

1. These last two chapters talk about Christ’s coming to this earth the first and the second time.   In 3:1-6, who is the messenger who will prepare the Lord’s way?

 2. Who is the “messenger of the covenant?”   What will this messenger do?  3:2-3

3.  The prophecy about the coming of Elijah also has been fulfilled.  How?

     See Matthew 11:14.

4.  Why do you think God ends this book (and the Old Testament) with the warning of a curse?


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday– Malachi 1-2

1. We now turn to Malachi, the last book of the Old Testament.  It is only 4 chapters long and was written about 450 BC. Malachi points ahead to the coming of a Savior! This book consists of six debates that the people have with God, as they try to grasp his ways and laws.  

          #1  God, do you really love me?   1:1-5

          #2  How have we despised Your Name?   1:6 – 2:9

          #3  How are we  unfaithful?  2:10-16

          #4  Is God fair?   2:17 – 3:5

          #5  Are We Obedient?   3:6-12

          #6  What do we get out of it?  3:13 – 4:6

2.  In the second debate, how have the people despised God’s name in their worship?  How would you apply that to yourself and God’s church today?

3.  What is the priest’s job, according to 2:7?  What happens when he fails in this duty or brings dishonor to his position?  Apply that to the ministry today.

4.  A significant verse is 2:16.  Notice also what God condemns when you look at the footnote to this verse, which is the better translation.

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