Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – Lamentations 4-5

1.  What is the purpose of God’s punishment?  Ponder 4:22.  Why can we call his punishment loving?

2.  Ponder 5:16.  When the crown falls from our heads through difficulties, what do we remember about the one who really is in control of our lives?  Why can we consider those difficulties to be a blessing?

3.  As Jeremiah ends his poem, 5:19-22,  look for thoughts in his prayer that shows how he trusts in the Lord.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday – Lamentations 2-3

1.  Read Lamentations 2:11.  Have you ever felt this way when you see God’s people suffering?

2.  What deadly mistake did the religious leaders make according to Jeremiah in 2:14?  How should this serve as a warning to us?

3.  In the midst of a truly depressing situation, where does Jeremiah look for hope?  The exact middle verses of Jeremiah’s book, 3:21-26, is the key to his entire poem.


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – Lamentations 1

1.  This short book of 5 chapters is Jeremiah’s poetic “lament” over the destruction of Jerusalem.  Why did this happen?  See 1:5,8.

2.  Jerusalem for us can represent God’s church.  Her sins are described as a yoke that weighs her down. See 1:14  Who fashioned this yoke?  Jeremiah doesn’t tell us here, but how alone can we be freed from this yoke of sin?

3.  From 1:12 to the end of the chapter, the one speaking is not Jeremiah the writer, but Jerusalem herself.   Note 1:21.  How do her enemies react when they see what has happened to God’s city?    Where have you observed that in the world today, when bad things happen to God’s church?  (Just like Jerusalem, some parts of God’s church have sinned and rebelled against him.)


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