Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – Jude

1.  The author of this little epistle identifies himself as “the brother of James,” which makes him also a half-brother of Jesus, but he prefers not to mention that. He has some tidbits abut Michael the archangel and Enoch, who lived before the flood, that are found nowhere else in Scripture.  Those may be interesting but what is Jude’s main purpose for writing?  See verses 3-4.

2.  The receivers of his letter will need to stand strong against the false teachers that are in their midst. He explains that they really don’t understand the truth, but what they do understand comes from what source?  See verse 10.  Can you think of false teachers today who promote causes or social issues that deny the truth of God’s word, because they are falsehoods that are popular in society?

3.  Besides avoiding false teachers, what does Jude lead us to do for ourselves in contending for the faith?  See verses 20-21.  What are we to do for others?    See verses 22-23

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