Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – Jonah 3-4

1.  This time Jonah decided to obey the Lord.  How did the people ofNinevehrespond to Jonah’s message? (verses 5-9)  This is so astonishing because Assyrians were a violent and ruthless people with many false gods.  What does this tell you about God’s grace?  What does this tell you about the chances for salvation for even the worst person you know?

3.  Why did the repentance of the people ofNinevehmake Jonah angry?   Consider how some people feel if a mass murderer repents and goes to heaven.   What did the Lord want Jonah to think about when he asked, “Have you any right to be angry?”  (Hint: what did Jonah deserve?)

4.  What happened with the vine shows how much of a selfish funk Jonah was in at the time. He was more concerned about his own comfort than about what?  See 4:11.  Yet is that really so strange?   Have you ever been more concerned about your own comfort than someone else’s salvation?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – Jonah 1-2

1.  Jonah served as God’s prophet before and during the reign of King Jeroboam II ofIsrael, who ruled from 793–753 B.C.  Jonah lived and worked inIsraelat a time of outward prosperity but spiritual corruption.  Ninevehwas the capital ofAssyria, the major world power at the time. Jonah’s unwillingness to go toNineveharose from the fact that this was the enemy that was threateningIsrael.  What does the Lord’s command to Jonah show about God?  What does Jonah’s response show about Jonah?

2.  Jonah had run from the Lord. Yet the Lord had people on the ship he wanted to save. According to 1:9-14, how did the Lord use Jonah to lead them to faith?

3.  What contradiction is there between Jonah’s words (1: 9) and his actions (1:3)? How did the Lord deal with Jonah’s inconsistency? How does he deal with ours?

4. God saved sinful Jonah by using the “grave” of the belly of a large fish. (Was it a whale?  We’re not sure – the word used is “fish” in Hebrew, not the word for whale.)  How long was he inside the fish?  How did God bring us salvation in a similar way?   See Matthew 12:39-41

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