Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – Joel 3

1.  The “Valley of Jehoshaphat” and the “Valley of Decision” are the same and refer to the Lord gathering all nations together for judgment at the end of the world. But instead of Judge and Conqueror, what will the Lord be for His people?   See 3:16

2.  With tongue in cheek, the Lord tells the enemy nations to get ready for war, 3:9-11. Who wins?  The enemy has about as much chance as a grape in the winepress! 3:13.   How are people trying to war against God today?

3.  What blessings can we expect in the New Jerusalem?  See 3:17-21.  And even now the last words of Joel are true:  The LORD dwells in Zion!  (Zion = his church and people)

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday – Joel 2

1.  The army of locusts in 2:1-12 may also refer to a real enemy army of people coming in from the north.  Who is at the head of this army?  See 2:11.  Why would he be bringing in a destructive army?  What does he desire?   See 2:12-13

2.  Read 2:13.  To “rend” means to tear.  Tearing your garments was an outward sign of grief and sorrow.  How does Joel’s call for torn hearts and not just torn garments apply to our worship?

3. Joel 2:28-32 is quoted in the New Testament, as Peter preaches on Pentecost, Acts 2.  Pentecost and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was one fulfillment of this passage.  What are some others?  Note that these verses cover the entire New Testament time, until when?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – Joel 1

1.   It is impossible to determine when Joel lived and brought his message.  But it was a time of severe calamity for God’s people.  What two things were happening in their country at the same time?  See 1:4 and 1:20.

2.  How should we react to disasters that happen in our country?  What does Joel command?  See 1:13,14.

3.  A key term in Joel is “The Day of the Lord,” 1:15.  This can refer to any day of God’s judgment and action on this earth, but above all, to what event?  How are we to be ready for that day?


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