Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday    Job 41-42

1. At the end of his speech, the Lord describes some amazing creatures:  behemoth (40:15-24) and leviathan, a sea creature (41:1-11).  41:12-34 may be a greater description of leviathan, but it seems to be describing a third, land animal. What are they?   The NIV footnotes just don’t fit.  As you ponder the descriptions, it becomes apparent that these creatures are extinct, although they were definitely around when Job lived.

2.  From the first chapters, we know the reason why Job had been suffering so much.  The Lord allowed the devil to test Job’s faith!  Does the Lord ever explain that to him?   Why do you think God doesn’t tell him?    Do you think Job figured it out, that it was all a test of faith?

3.  What does God’s speech lead Job to do?  See 41:6.  Even though Job was a man of strong faith, he was not perfect, and neither are we.  Be careful of the arrogance of the three friends, whom God calls to repentance!  When we see others going through hard times, what dare we not do?  Compare what Jesus says in Matthew 7:1-5.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday   Job 38–40

1.  Elihu had been speaking about the power of God in the lightning and storms.  Apparently there had been a mighty one approaching, because now the Lord himself speaks “out of the storm.” What does the Lord say about Job with all his complaints and questions?  See 38:1,2.

2.  In the rest of Chapters 38 & 39, the Lord questions Job about his created universe.  What do you think the Lord is trying to get Job (and us) to understand?

3.  In trying to understand how unfair his suffering was, what had Job been doing?  See what God says in 40:2,8.  How do we sometimes try to justify ourselves?  Fill in the blank:  God, I’ve been going through a lot of hard times.  I don’t ______________ this! You’re not fair.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday    Job 35-37

1.  In 35:10-11, what does Elihu mention as wonderful blessings which God gives?  What would you say are “songs in the night?”

2.  When events are beyond our understanding, what assurances do we receive from 36:24-26? What does Elihu encourage us to do?

3.  Note 37:13.  For what two purposes does God use the weather?   With Elihu we praise the Lord, who is the power behind the whole world!

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday    Job 32-34

1.   The author’s comments at the beginning of Chapter 32 are significant.  Job was “righteous in his own eyes,” which means that he considered himself innocent of all their charges of wickedness.  However the young friend Elihu is upset with Job “for justifying himself rather than God.”  This is exactly where Job had gone wrong.   At times, Job has questioned God and even accused him of injustice, rather than defending the Lord.  In times of suffering, have you ever been tempted to do the same?

2.  The young friend, Elihu, seems to have more wisdom than the other three friends. He knows the Savior and speaks about forgiveness. Yet some of his comments—both his paraphrases of what he hears Job say and his commentary on Job’s words—are not accurate. Sometimes he seems to read things into Job’s words. Other times he condemns Job in much the same way as Job’s three friends did.  There seems to be a certain coldness to his comments, even when he is right.  How do you come across to your friends when you know you have the truth and their religious opinion is wrong?

3.  The key to the truth in Elihu’s speech is in 33:8-13, as he sums up Job’s words.  Yet in verse 9, Elihu has gone too far, because Job had never said he was sinless.  Perhaps that’s the attitude that Elihu observed in Job.  How might we project the wrong, self-righteous attitude to others?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday    Job 29-31

1.  Job contrasts the way things used to be (Chapter 29),  with the way things are now (Chapter 30).   When times were good, how did he feel about God?  (29:4,5).  Now that times are bad, how does he feel about God?  (30:20-22).   Which is the truth all the time?

2.   What does this teach you about depending on your feelings?

3.  In Chapter 31, Job takes his case to court, and makes his defense by the record of his life.  He has done his very best in godly living!  He now awaits the Judge’s answer.  What answer is Job expecting?   What answer does he deserve, if it all depends on his good works?  See Romans 3:10-12.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday   Job 25-28

1.  Chapter 25, Bildad’s final speech, is very short.  His final parting “shot” is that God is awesome and mankind is awful.  (So Job, how can you know anything?).  In Chapter 26, Job agrees about God’s power.  Ponder especially 26:14.  God’s power in creation is like a  ____________ compared to God’s full power, which is like ______________.

2.  In Chapter 27, Job talks about God’s justice.  He feels the Lord has denied him justice (27:2).  Why?   Hint:  In the rest of the chapter, he describes what the wicked deserve to get from God.   How much of that has happened to him?

3.  In Chapter 28, Job ponders God’s wisdom.   Man can find riches hidden away in the earth.  But we cannot find hidden wisdom.   How to we get it?  See 28:28.   Paul says the same thing in 1 Corinthians 2:9,10.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday    Job 22-24

1.  Eliphaz, friend #1, has one last turn.  What sins does he accuse Job of committing?  See 22:6-9.   As far as we know, these are baseless accusations.

2.  Eliphaz’ words in 22:21-23 are good words of advice in general, but he is assuming that Job is not repentant or listening to the Lord.  How does Job defend himself?  See 23:11-12.

3.  Have you ever felt like Job in 23:8-9?   Job answers his own feelings with a beautiful verse of faith, 23:10.  Underline it and if possible, memorize it.

4.  Job answers his own question about how the wicked seem to prosper.  What will happen to them at the end?  Read 24:23-24.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday    Job 20-21

1.  It is Zophar’s turn again (friend #3).  He completely ignores everything Job said about our Redeemer, and talks about what will happen to the wicked.  Is Zophar right?   Compare Galatians 6:7-8.  Zophar may be speaking a general truth, but what is missing when you think about the fact that he’s talking to Job?

2.  Job is ready for a fight on this issue.   What does he point out about the wicked?  See 21:7-13.

3.  In this world, life often seems unfair.  But what happens to both the prosperous and the destitute?  Read 21:23-26.  What makes the real difference after we die?  (Answer that from your own knowledge – Job doesn’t give the answer here.)

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday    Job 18-19

1.  It is Bildad’s second turn, as he feels slighted by Job and then goes on to describe what wicked people are like.  His message to Job; “If the shoe fits, wear it!”  What are some of the accusations he is bringing against Job in Chapter 18?

2.  Job expresses his despair, as he feels that everyone, including God, is attacking him. But then he turns right around with the beautiful words of faith in 19:23-27.  Can you think of a time in your life when you’ve felt the depths of depression and the heights of strong faith, all in the same day?

3.  19:23-27 may be the most important verses in all of Job, and are often used on Easter Sunday, in songs and in sermons. What do these verses tell you about Jesus?  What do they tell you about your future as a believer in this Redeemer?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday    Job 15-17

1.  Eliphaz, friend #1, takes another turn at “helping” Job.  Job is hurting and is trying to understand what God is doing and why.  What does he need to hear?  What does Eliphaz give him?  See especially 15:1-6.

2.    If the situation were reversed, what kind of message would Job share with them? See Job 16:4,5.

3.  In the middle of his grief, Job clings to a promise of God.  Concentrate especially on 16:19-21.  What is this person doing for him?  Who do you think Job is talking about?

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