Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – James 5

1.  What virtue do we all need to get through the wants and trials of life?  5:7.
He gives us an earthly example of whom? He gives us a Biblical example of whom?

2.  What should Christians do in caring for each other, especially when someone is sick?  5:13-16. What does the last verse stress about the prayer of a righteous person (a believer)?

3.  Note the last verse of James’ letter.  How do we do the last phrase?  It surely doesn’t mean that we are to do a “cover-up” when people sin!   So what are we to tell others about how to be saved from sin and death?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – James 4

1.  In 4:1-3, James describes what happens when people pursue their own ways in getting what they want.  Even when they get around to asking God, what is the result?

2.  What attitude do we need when we stand before the Lord? 4:10. What is the result?

3.  In planning for the future, what is the key thought we should have in our minds?  4:15.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – James 3

1.  With what does James compare the tongue?  3:5-6.

2.  The fact that praises and curses come out of the same mouth shows what about a Christian? See 3:9-12.

3.  True wisdom is contrasted with what sinful thoughts that the world considers to be wisdom?  See 3:14-16.  In what category does this statement fit:
“You have to love yourself first; then you can love others.”

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday –  James 2

1.  How does 2:1-4 guide you in how you treat people who walk in the door of our church?

2.  Some people feel that they are accepted by God because they try very hard to keep the commandments.  What does 2:10 tell us about the results of breaking just one commandment?

3.  True living faith will be accompanied by what?  See 2:17.   Faith is much more than knowing facts about God.  Who has that kind of faith?  2:19.  Some might think that 2:24 is a contradiction to “A man is justified by faith apart from observing the law” Rom 3:28.  But what is James trying to stress about true faith?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – James 1

1.  Who is James?  He describes himself in the first verse, but he is too humble to tell us the most important facts.  James was not one of the 12 disciples, but a
brother of Jesus, one of the sons of Mary and Joseph.  See Matthew 13:55.  After Jesus’ ascension, he became a prominent Christian leader in Jerusalem.  He guided the church there while the 12 apostles went out to many other places with the Gospel. See Acts 15:13.  His first point:  Why can you be joyful in the face of trials
and troubles?

2.  What does he teach us about prayer in 1:6?  How does that guide your thoughts about what you should pray for?

3.  A key verse is 1:17.  When it comes to good and perfect gifts, what is the most important gift that James mentions in the next verse?

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