Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday – Isaiah 65-66

1.   In Isaiah 65:1-7, the Lord is talking to a nation that was once faithful to him, but now they have abandoned him.  As you read this, apply what he says to our nation.  Yet note what he says in 65:8 for the faithful few.

2.  Isaiah 65:17-25 is the famous prophecy of the new heavens and earth.  What makes it difficult is that some things described here do not fit with our eternal home.  When Isaiah describes our heavenlyJerusalem, he uses pictures from an earthlyJerusalemto help people understand something beyond our comprehension.  As you read, ponder those things which do not entirely fit our heavenly home, and think about what the Lord is trying to tell us through that picture.

3.  The Lord has created and rules over all things, 66:1   He has no need for us to build him a house.   What pleases the Lord most? See 66:2

4.  Note the unusual picture that the Lord uses to describe the birth of his church, 66:7-11.  he picture of a woman being in labor. But the birth is miraculous. It happens even before the labor begins. The Lord is foretelling a time of miraculous birth,

5.  In Isaiah’s final paragraph, how does he describe eternal joys and eternal punishments? How does this motivate us to enlarge the church?

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Study the Bible in Two Years


Saturday – Isaiah 63-64


Note:  If you are using “Today’s Light Bible,” we are also dividing Friday into two.  This part of Isaiah is too important to read through so quickly.  We’ll finish Isaiah on Monday.


1.  In Isaiah 63:1-6, watch the quotation marks carefully, because that is the Lord speaking. His vengeance onEdomis a small picture of his final judgment against the ungodly.


2.  The rest of Chapter 63 and 64 is Isaiah’s prayer.  Ponder especially 64:5-9.  How are we described in 64:6?


3.  What is the answer to Isaiah’s question in 64:5?  We cannot do this for ourselves, as the next verse shows.  When it comes to saving us, what are all our righteous deeds like?


4.  Note the famous picture in 64:8.  What does that mean to you?




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Study the Bible in Two Years


Friday – Isaiah 60-62


 1.  Read Isaiah 60:1-6.  Why was this chosen as the reading for Epiphany, the Gentile Christmas?  How was it fulfilled at the time of the Wise Men?  It is still being fulfilled to this day! How?


2.  Isaiah 61:1-3 is the passage that Jesus preached on when he went home toNazareth, Luke 4:18 “The Anointed One” = the Christ.  Ponder some of the things he will do.


3.  What is the picture in 61:10?  Compare Revelation 19:7-8


4.    Isaiah 62:1-5 describesZion, which is “the city of the living God, the church of the  firstborn” (Hebrews 12:22,23), the New Testament church!   What is her new name in 62:4? Note other special names for the church in 62:12.


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Study the Bible in Two Years


Thursday – Isaiah 58-59


1.  The religious people of Isaiah’s day have a problem and it still happens today.  They think that they are so devoted to the Lord because they do religious things like fasting. What shows that their religious deeds are not sincere?  See 58:3-4   What is the true fast that God requires in 58:6-7?


2.  Keeping the Sabbath is not just going to church!  What will be a part of it, according to 58:13? What then can we expect, 58:14?


3.  The first part of chapter 59 is filled with animal pictures of what it is like to continue to live in sin.  Find 4 different pictures in 59:5-11.  After hearing about how our sins have separated us so terribly from God in most of chapter 59, what strong contrast does God make in 59:20?  What also can we expect in 59:21?


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday – Isaiah 56-57

1.  Foreigners and servants of Gentile kings (eunuchs) would do what?  56:3-7.  In contrast, the Jewish religious leaders (watchmen) would do what?  56:10-12.  Can you think of any fulfillments of this in Christ’s church today?

2.  Sometimes we wonder why faithful believers may die at a young age.  What reasons do you find for this in Isaiah 57:1-2? 

3.  The rest of chapter 57 contrasts those who worship idols with the blessings that the faithful believers will receive.  Why do Christians, who fall into worshiping modern “idols”, think they can  get away with it?   See 57:11.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – Isaiah 54-55

Note:  If you are using “Today’s Light Bible,” we are dividing Tuesday into two days.

1.  Isaiah 54:1 starts out with a strange idea – Why would the barren woman sing?  In those days, not having children is a disgrace!  This is how God’s church will be for a time, but look at what is going to happen in 54:2.  What description is given to our Lord and Savior in 54:5?

2.  Underline 54:10 as a special verse to describe God’s love and grace for us.  

3.  The Lord is inviting us to a free meal!  How do we partake of it?  See 55:2b-3.

4. Meditate on 55:8-9.  Why do these passages remind us to finish our prayers with the phrase “your will be done”?

5.  Look at 55:10-11.  What do these verses tell us when it appears that all of our efforts to share God´s Word are in vain?  As long as we preach God´s Word, what can we be confident of?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday – Isaiah 53

1.  This is the most beautiful chapter in the Old Testament about what Jesus would do for us.  Look at 53:3.  Like someone you recognize in the store but pretend you don’t see them, why would people pretend that they don’t know him or see him?  At the time of Christ?  Now?

2.  Ponder 53:4-5.  When Jesus suffered and died, who was it that actually struck him down?  Why? What did Jesus receive that we deserve?

3.  Sheep are animals that require constant supervision as they will wander off from the group and get lost.  How does Isaiah compare us to sheep?  What did he do about the problem?  See 53:6.

4.  The rest of our chapter consists of more amazing prophecies of Jesus! If you have time:

Compare 53:7 with Mark 14:60-61 and Luke 23:8-9.

Compare 53:9 with Matthew 27:57-60

Compare 53:10 with Mark 14:33-34 and 15:34

Compare 53:11 with John 20:15-18   Death cannot defeat him!!

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – Isaiah 50-52

1.  In Isaiah 50:4-11, it is Jesus speaking again.  How was 50:6,7 fulfilled on Good Friday? 

2.  How does Isaiah 51:12-16 take away our fear of terrorists and other earthly enemies?   

3.  Isaiah 52:7-10 is another famous passage.  Why do the messengers of the Gospel have beautiful feet?

4.  Isaiah 52:13-15 is connected with chapter 53 and those whole section is the greatest of all prophecies about Jesus.  Even though Jesus will be so disfigured that people will be appalled at him, what will he do?  Rejoice in 52:13!

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – Isaiah 48-49

1.  Read Isaiah 48:17-19.  What will we lose if we do not listen to the Lord and his commands? 

2.  As you read Isaiah 49:1-7, notice that Jesus himself is speaking about his future work!  What will he do?

3.  What is the result of his ministry, according to 49:7?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – Isaiah 46-47

1.  Underline Isaiah 46:4.  What does this precious promise tell you?

2.  Ponder Isaiah 46:9-11.  Why is there no need to fear the future?

3.  Read Isaiah 47:13-14.  What does the Lord have to say about astrology and making predictions by the stars?

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