Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – Haggai 1-2

1.  Haggai, together with Zechariah, were part of the group who leftBabylonin 536 B.C. to rebuildJerusalemand the temple and resettleJudah.  His four messages were all delivered within a span of 4 months, in the second year of the Persian King, Darius. So we know exactly when he preached:  520 B.C.   His first message:  Instead of building God’s house, what were the people doing?   How was that going to work out?  What are ways that we need to put the Lord first instead of ourselves?

2.  Read 2:3-9 carefully.  What was discouraging for the people, who had listened to the Lord and had eagerly started to rebuild the temple?   What does God promise to overcome their discouragement?  Who do you think is “the desired of nations?”  What will he bring?

3.  Haggai’s point in 2:11-14 is that merely coming in contact with something holy doesn’t make the common thing holy.  But coming in contact with something unclean, like a dead body, can easily make you unclean.  The point:  It is much easier to become defiled than it is to become holy.  God is going for the heart here.  He doesn’t want them to get all hung up in the outward physical work of building the temple, without taking their faith to heart. They (and we) are so easily defiled with sin!  Merely coming in contact with the temple and holy things will not make them holy.  What will?     See Eph. 5:26.

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