Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday    John 20-21

1.  These chapters are John’s record of Jesus’ resurrection.  He gives us details of Jesus’ first appearance that the other Gospels do not give.   In John20:1-18, what proves to you that Jesus rose from the dead?

2.  The disciple Thomas could not believe his fellow disciples that Jesus rose.  Jesus took away his doubts a week later.  What causes you to doubt your faith in Jesus sometimes.  What assurance does 20:29 give you?

3.  Just as Peter denied Jesus three times, so Jesus questioned his love three times.  What comfort does this give you when you know you have failed the Lord in your life?

4.  Memorize John 20:31.  Why has John written all this about Jesus?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday   John 18-19

1.  These chapters are John’s account of Jesus’ “passion,”  his suffering for us.  In 18:1-8, John gives us details not found in the other Gospels.  When Jesus said “I am” (“he” is not in the original), which is the name for God, what happened to the soldiers? What was Jesus showing them…and us?

2.  John 18:38 is Pilate’s cynical question that has been asked by skeptics of all times.  What is the question?  How would you answer it?

3.  In chapter 19, John records three of the 7 statements or “words” that Jesus said from the cross.  These are not mentioned in the other Gospels.  What are they?   What does the last “Word” in 19:30 mean to you?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday   John 17

1.  This whole chapter is the “Lord’s Prayer,” the one that Jesus himself prayed.  In 17:1-5 he prays for himself.  What is the main thing he asks for?   What does that mean for us? (17:2)

2.  In 17:6-19, he prays for his disciples.  As you read, note the things that he prays for.  “Sanctify” means to set us apart as belonging to God and not the world.  What sanctifies us, according to 17:17?

3.  In 17:20-26, he prays for all believers to the end of time.  What is his main petition?  In an effort to make this happen, some Christians ignore the true basis of unity.  What makes us one in Christ?   See 17:17 again.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday   John 15-16

1.   The picture of Jesus as the grapevine and his people as the branches has many applications. What keeps us connected to the Vine?  What is the fruit that you bear?

What happens when you get cut off from the Vine?   What does it mean that the Father “prunes” us and why is that not so pleasant?

2.  What is Jesus’ most important command in 15:9-17?  What example of this has he given us?  15:13.

3.  Jesus gives us wonderful promises about prayer in 15:16 and 16:23,24.  How could these passages be misused?  What does it really mean to pray “in Jesus’ name?”

4.  16:33 is a VIP – very important passage.  Memorize it if possible.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday    John 13-14

1.  What example did Jesus give us by washing the disciples’ dirty feet – a slave job that they really didn’t want to do?  See 13:14,15.  Can you think of some practical ways of “washing feet” for someone today?

2.   John 14:1-6 is a VIP – a very important passage.  What does Jesus promise us when we die?  How do we know we will go there?  Why is 14:6 a “must” passage to memorize for when you are talking to other people about the importance of Jesus?

3.   See 14:18.  We will never be “orphans,” meaning all alone, without a family.  Why not? Jesus gives us two important reasons, one in the verse before and one in the verse after.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday     John 11-12

1.   Do you know anyone who is getting close to death?  If not now, you will.  Be sure to mark John 11:21-27 as some of the most important verses in the Bible, especially to share with someone who is very sick or dying.

2.  John 11:35 is the shortest verse in the Bible. What large message does this bring you about Jesus?

3.  What were two results of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead?  See 12:9-11.  See also 11:53 for the “bad” result –  however, even the bad result was for our salvation!!

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday    John 9-10

1.  The disciples wonder why this man was born blind.  See their wrong answers in 9:2 and Jesus’ correct answer in 9:3.  Why does the Lord allow such difficulties in life today?

2.  Who is Jesus?  The former blind man put what he knew together and came up with a correct answer:  See 9:30-33.  But he still didn’t know exactly who Jesus was until Jesus himself opened his spiritual eyes.  Why has Jesus come into the world, according to 9:39? What are examples today of people who think they can “see” but are spiritually blind?

3.  John 10 is the Good Shepherd chapter.  Pick out the beautiful promises that Jesus gives you and me, in verses 9, 14, 27-29.  They are all certain because of 9:11.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday    John 7-8

1.  Jesus gets into a discussion with his brothers (the other sons of Mary and Joseph, see Matthew 13:55), who do not believe that he is the Messiah.  Why does the world hate Jesus? See 7:7.  Think of examples where the sinful world hates us for the same reason.

2.  In John 8:1-11, the Pharisees were correct according to the Law of Moses – the woman should have been stoned.  How did Jesus avoid their trap?  What does that mean in our evaluation of others?   Now that she is forgiven, what is important for her to do?  See 8:11.

3.  As we celebrate the Reformation this week, it is interesting to note that John 8:31-36 is the traditional Gospel lesson for Reformation.  What truth did Martin Luther rediscover that makes us free?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday     John 5-6

1.  Jesus testifies to the complete equality between him and the Father in 5:19-23. He deserves equal honor.  Note 5:22-23.  In what situations in our society might you have to deal with the fact that people want to honor “God” but deliberately avoid mentioning Jesus?

2.  After Jesus fed the 5,000, the crowd wanted to make him king.  What were they hoping for?   Jesus points it out in 6:26.  Instead of earthly bread and blessings, what should they (and we) be striving for?

3.  It seems obvious to us that 6:53-56 is about the Lord’s Supper.  But that can’t be Jesus’ original meaning, because he didn’t institute Holy Communion yet.  What did Jesus mean? See especially 6:57 – How do we feed on Jesus in other ways?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday  John 4

1.   Our chapter for today gives us Jesus’ method of evangelism!  He reaches out to a Samaritan woman living in sin, which are three reasons why a normal Jewish rabbi would have avoided her if at all possible.  But Jesus is not your normal Jewish rabbi.  What did Jesus use to get her interested?  See 4:10.

2.  How did he confront her with her problem (her sin?)  4:16-18.  Naturally she changes the subject, and Jesus continues to answer her questions.  But ultimately, he is there to reveal what important fact?  See 4:26.

3.  Jesus talks about the right way to worship God.  What two factors are most important? See 4:23-24.  What does that mean to you?

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