Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – Exodus 1

1.  At the end of Genesis, Joseph has died.  Exodus begins about 400 years later. No doubt the Israelites wondered if God would ever fulfill his promises. How is this the same for us as we await Jesus’ second coming?

2.  The fact that the people ofIsraelbecame slaves reminds us of a type of slavery that we all have to face.  See Romans 6:6-7 for Paul’s description of our slavery problem, and our only solution.

3.  What reminder do Shiphrah and Puah give us about how we should act over against the government?   Apply what Peter said in Acts 5:29.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday – Genesis 49-50

1.  How do you think Reuben, Simeon and Levi felt about the last words their father spoke to them?  When God’s Word speaks harshly about our actions, what response does the Lord desire?    Fulfillment:  Reuben was absorbed into Manasseh, Simeon was absorbed intoJudah, and Levi never had his own land, because this was the line of Moses and the priests. 

2.  Look closely at 49:10.  King David and a whole line of Israelite kings came from the descendents ofJudah.  That includes that promised “Son of David.,” the Messiah. What does this verse tell us about Jesus?

3.   What was still bothering the brothers?  Why did Joseph weep when he received the message from them?  How did he reassure them of his lack of desire for revenge?  Underline 50:20 as a key verse for our lives when we face persecution or hatred.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – Genesis 47-48

1.  Why is the word “pilgrimage” that Jacob uses in 47:9 a very appropriate way to talk about one’s life? 

2.  Why didn’t Jacob want to be buried inEgypt?  How was this desire to be buried inIsraelan act of faith?  What promise of God was he thinking of?   How do you guide decisions in your life by the promises of God?

3.  Jacob and his sons were shepherds and took care of sheep for a living.  Day in and day out he saw the need that helpless sheep had for someone to protect them from the lions and bears.  What was Jacob saying about himself and about God when he called God his “Shepherd” in 48:15?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday –  Genesis 45-46

1.  In chapter 45:5-8 what does Joseph realize about the time he spent in slavery and prison?   Have you ever looked back on your life and seen evidence of God’s hand guiding you?

2.  How do you think the brothers felt about telling their father that Joseph was still alive? It doesn’t say if they actually confessed the truth to him about what they had done to Joseph.  What would be best for them to do?   

3.  Why were the words that God spoke to Jacob in 46:4 so comforting?  Perhaps this reminded him of another time God spoke to him directly on a trip into the unknown: see Gen. 28:13.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday:  Genesis 43-44

1.  What doesJudahpledge to his father for Benjamin’s safety?  Compare this to what Reuben offered his father in the previous chapter.  Why isJudah’s promise so much better?  Think of what Jesus said in John 15:12-13.

2.  Joseph’s steward is his direct spokesman, but note what message Joseph sends to his brothers in 43:23.  Even if the steward didn’t believe in the true Lord himself, what does this tell you about Joseph sharing his faith?  With whom can you share your faith today?

3.  Can you see why Joseph targeted Benjamin in his plan?   If the other brothers hated this next favorite son, like they had hated Joseph, what could they easily do?  By their actions, what did Joseph discovering about them.

4.  At the end of chapter 44, we see again howJudah shows that he has grown up spiritually. “People never change” is what some say, but that’s not true. What can change people, including you and me? 


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday:   Genesis 42

1.  In 42:18, how does Joseph show that he is not the normal Egyptian Prime Minister?

2.  In 42:22, we see that the brothers still feel guilty, 20 years after selling Joseph into slavery.  How do you resolve such guilt feelings of your own?

3. Why did Joseph treat the brothers the way he did?  (wrong answer – to get revenge)

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday:  Genesis 41

1.  Note what Joseph says to Pharaoh in 41:16.  He gives glory to God rather than himself.  What special gifts or talents do you have for which you can give credit where credit is due:  to God?

2.  How old was Joseph when he was sold into slavery?  (37:2)   How old was he when he finally got out?  (41:46)   What does that teach you when your problems seem to stretch on for years?    Now think about Joseph’s age as he becomes second-in-command for the most powerful country in the world at that time.  What makes him competent at such a young age? 

3.  Joseph was given a pagan wife.  We don’t know whether the wife became a believer in the true God or not.  We do know that their two sons were given Hebrew names.  What does that tell you?  How would you advise Joseph in handling his mixed marriage?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday:  Genesis 40

1.  The life of Joseph is filled with dreams and interpreting them.  Sometimes we wonder about the interpretation of our own dreams.  What does 40:8 teach us about our own attempts to interpret our dreams?  How much should you let them guide your life?

2.  We’ll see in the next few days that Joseph’s life would serve a great purpose and that God had plans for him being inEgyptat just the right place, at just the right time.  Yet, when Joseph was in prison, how do you think he felt?  Have you ever felt like Joseph?  What can you learn from Joseph about how to handle things when God’s plan for your future is impossible to see?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday:  Genesis 38-39

1.  NoticeJudah’s hypocrisy.  He wanted to kill his daughter-in-law Tamar for prostitution when he himself had hired her for sex.   Have you ever acted likeJudah:  Saying one thing, but doing another? 

2. Despite all the sexual sins involved, where do you find Tamar and her son Perez mentioned?  See Matthew 1:3.  What does this tell you about the family tree of Jesus?

3.  Many people believe that they can do whatever they want with their own bodies as long as it doesn’t harm anyone.  What response to that attitude do we find in 39:9?

4.  What lesson can we learn from Joseph about what we should do when temptation tries to attack us?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday:   Genesis 36-37

Note: Don’t spend too much time trying to read all the names of Esau’s descendants. You may skip chapter 36 entirely, if you like.

 1.  In 37:2, we see Joseph tattling on his brothers.  In the next verses, he has two dreams that put him over his brothers. How could have Joseph handled the situation better with them? 

 2.  Did you ever feel like you were not receiving equal treatment?  How did that make you feel?  How do you think the brothers of Joseph felt when their dad gave Joseph a beautiful coat?

 3.  Notice how the chain of sins adds up for the brothers.  Anger turns to hate.  Hate leads them to want to harm their brother.  Wanting to harm their brother leads them to throw him into a cistern and sell him into slavery.  This causes them to lie to their father.  Have you ever had sins pile up like that in your life?  How do you break such a chain?

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