Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday– Exodus 39-40                

1. Chapter 39 talks again about the priest’s garments.  See drawing on page 3.  The ephod was the outer garment, like a long vest. Why do you think there were symbols of the 12 tribes on both ephod and breastpiece?

2. When Moses set up the tabernacle for the first time, what did he do for every part of it?  See 40:9.  This means to set something apart from the world for God’s use.  When do we do something similar? .

3. We find out another name for the “pillar of cloud” and the “pillar of fire.” What is it?  See 40:34.  What does that name for God’s presence teach you? Does that remind of you anything from when Jesus was born?  See Luke 2:9.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday– Exodus 37-38

1. Continue identifying the various objects found in the tabernacle on the chart as you read. 

2. The top of the ark is given what name?  37:6. How does that name fit with the fact that inside the ark are the two tablets of the Ten Commandments?  (Hint: what happens when we try to obey all the Ten Commandments?)

3.  The pattern for the tabernacle’s construction was very precise and demanding.  Why was it so important that they construct the tabernacle exactly according to the pattern he was shown onMount Sinai?  See the New Testament, Hebrews 8:5 for the answer.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday  – Exodus 35-36

1. What can we learn from the generosity of the Israelites?  What was their motivation for giving so much that Moses had to ask them to stop?

2. Besides offerings, what else did the people contribute?  See 35:10 & 25.  What happens when the whole congregation gets involved in a project? 

3. As you study the construction of the various elements of the tabernacle today and tomorrow, follow the section headings in your Bible and label each item on the chart.


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday – Exodus 34

1. How does God describe himself in verses 6-7?  Can you think of some examples of how God demonstrated his compassion?   For what reason might the children be punished for the sins of the fathers?  See 34:14.

2. Perhaps you have heard the modern proverb: “Bad company corrupts good character.”  Why did God not want the Israelites to form alliances with the people in thelandofCanaan?  Why do you think we should use caution in regards to the company we keep?

3. Why were the people afraid to approach Moses?  What had happened to his face?  For what purpose do you think the Lord caused this to happen?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – Exodus 33

1.  Despite the Lord’s anger and his statement about not going with them, what would he still do for them?  See 33:1.  Why would he do that?  What is reassuring for you about that thought?

2.  Why did the Lord change his mind and decide to go with them?  See 33:17.  Is it possible for you to change the Lord’s mind about anything?    How?

3.  Since we also cannot stand in God’s presence because we are sinners, how do we see God today?   Note what Jesus said in John 14:9.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – Exodus 32

1.  The Israelites had just promised to keep all of God’s commandments.  After making such promises, why are the events in chapter 32 so surprising?  We know God’s commandments too.  Yet, what idols do we set up in our lives?

2.  Did God have the right to be angry?  Does he have the right to be angry with us too? 

3.  Aaron tried to pass the blame onto the Israelites.  Read his excuses in 32:22-24. Do you think what he said was believable?   How about our excuses for sin?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – Exodus 30-31

1.  The incense would rise to heaven and represented the prayers of God’s people.  Why is this a fitting picture for prayer?

2.  God chose Bezalel to be the craftsman for everything.  What does the Lord say about his abilities?  See 31:3.  How is that like us when we receive abilities to serve the Lord?  See the remarkable parallel in 1 Corinthians 12:4-6. 

3.  Of what did the Sabbath day remind the Israelites?  See 31:13 & 17. Apply those thoughts to our days of worship.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday– Exodus 28-29

1.  How did God visibly show that the High Priest would be representing the whole nation ofIsrael?  See 28:9-10 and 28:21.

2.  The Israelites were reminded that their sin required a sacrifice every time an animal was placed on the altar and killed.  How did this point the Israelites ahead to Jesus?

3.  The Israelites gathered twice a day before the tabernacle for sacrifices, in the morning and then the evening.  How is this a good example for us?  What would be a good way to begin and end our day?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday– Exodus 25-27

1.  What type of attitude does God want us to have when we bring him our offerings?  See 25:2. 

2.  The key item inside the future tabernacle is the ark of the covenant.  What is on top of the ark?  25:17-18.  What is to be placed inside it?  25:21.  (This is the name for the two tablets of the ten commandments.)  What will the Lord do there?  25:22.  This is symbolized in our church by what item of furniture?

3.  What will the gold table hold?  See 25:30.  How is that fulfilled in Jesus?  See John 6:51.

4.  The lampstand (literally ‘menorah’) has how many oil lamps?   How is the menorah fulfilled in Jesus?   See John 8:12.

5.  There is a special curtain inside the tabernacle.  What does this curtain separate?  See 26:31-33. What happened to this curtain when Jesus died?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday – Exodus 23-24

1. Israelwas told to bring their firstfruits to God at harvest time as a reminder that it was God who was providing for them, 23:16.   This was literally the first portion of grain that they received from their fields that they set aside to give to God.  What can that teach us about our giving?

 2.  God sent an angel to guard his people along the way to the promised land, 23:20-23. Note what God says about this angel at the end of verse 21.  Who do you think he is? This is the same as God’s presence in the pillar of cloud and fire.  See what this angel says to us in John 14:18-21.  

 3.  Two times the Israelites promise to keep all of God’s commandments.  How well do you think they did at keeping their promise?   How well have you accomplished that today?

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