Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday – Colossians 3-4

1. What is our motivation for putting behind all of the evil actions that our earthly natures desire to do?

2. How does God encourage each member of the household to fulfill their roles?  What would a household be like if everyone did what the Lord teaches us here?

3.  How can you “make the most of every opportunity” as you go about your day?  Keep an eye open for the opportunities that God drops in front of you today.


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – Colossians 2

1. What types of hollow philosophy based on human tradition and the basic principles of the world do you see around you?  How do we differentiate the truth from these philosophies?

2. Someone tells you that Jesus isn’t true God.  How would you use verse 9 to show them the truth?

3. Someone tells you that you are breaking the commandments by not worshiping on Saturday.  How would you use vs. 16-17 to show them that the actual day and the laws about resting no longer apply?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday – Colossians 1

1.  1: 21 talks about a reconciliation between us and God.  What does the word “reconcile”  mean?  How did this reconciliation happen?

2.  Why was Paul so grateful for the suffering that he had gone through?

3.  How is the message of Jesus a mystery?  What should we do with this mystery that has been solved for us?


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – Philippians 4

1.   Remember that Paul is under house arrest inRomeas he writes this letter.  Why does that make his words in 4:4-6 so surprising?  What encouragement do you receive from that?

2.  Instead of getting bogged down in quarrels and dissatisfaction, what does Paul encourage us to think about  (verse 8)?

3.  What was Paul’s “secret of being content” (verse 12)?

4.   How does Paul describe the gifts he received from the Philippians to support his ministry (verse 19)?   Apply that thought to the gifts that you give for the Lord’s work.


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – Philippians 3

1.   Now that he has Jesus, Paul considers his earlier spiritual life to be “rubbish.” Why?      See verse 9.

2.   Paul compares our whole Christian life on earth to a race, vv. 13-14.  In our race of life, what does Paul encourage us to do?

3.  What contrast does Paul strike between the people he describes in verses 18 and 19 and us?

What do we have to look forward to when Christ returns?


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – Philippians 2

1.  If the attitudes Paul describes in verses 1-4 are missing, what can happen in a Christian home?   A Christian congregation?

2.  Paul encourages to follow Christ’s example in this.  How does he describe Christ’s perfect humility?   What was Jesus willing to give up?

3.  In what way do we Christians “shine like stars in the universe” (verse 15)?


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday – Philippians 1

1.  How does Paul demonstrate his love for his fellow Christians?  How can you show that same type of love to your brothers and sisters in the faith during the week?  On Sundays?

2.  How did God make good use of Paul’s bad situation (his imprisonment)?  Have you ever seen God’s hand working in the difficult moments of your life?

3.  Read Paul’s famous words in verses 21-24.  Why might a Christian look forward to his death?  Why might a Christian desire to remain on the earth?


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – 2 Corinthians 12-13

1.   Why was Paul given a “thorn in my flesh”?  See 12:7.  We don’t know exactly what kind of physical affliction this was, but it caused him enough hardship to affect his work for the Lord. What kind of “thorn” might you have?

2.  When Paul asked God to take it away, God basically said “No.”  Ponder exactly how God gave that answer.  Why did the Lord refuse?   What light does this shed on the times we ask for physical healing?

3.   What does the risen Savior do for Paul, and for us?  See 13:4


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – 2 Corinthians 10-11

1.  In these two chapters, Paul is reacting to false preachers who have come into the congregation. These “super-apostles” are trying to put Paul down and pump themselves up.  Of what are Paul’s opponents trying to accuse him?

2.  The false preachers are really into boasting about themselves.  10:12 means something like:  “We really have outdone ourselves in bringing more people to Christ.  Paul is not even in the competition.” What is Paul going to boast about?

3.  In what ways does Satan himself masquerade as an angel of light?   (11:14)


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday – 2 Corinthians 8-9

1. In these two chapters, Paul enters into an important discussion about giving from all that God has given us.  It’s all about grace!  Underline the key verse, 8:9 and memorize it if possible. How does this motivate you in your giving?

2.  See 8:13-15.  The “plenty” the gentile Christians supplied to the Jewish Christians inJerusalemwas, of course, money. What was the “plenty” the Jewish Christians inJerusalemwere providing to the gentile Christians?  See Romans 15:26,27.  How have we as a congregation been helped by others?  How can we help others in the future?

3. Joyce wants to give. If she gives, she thinks she will have an easier time in life because God will increase her wealth because that’s what someone told her concerning the passage in 9:6.  What does it really mean?   What principles of giving do you find in 9:7?


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