Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – Daniel 12

1.  The Lord takes Daniel to see the vision of the end of time.  Who is involved in the final battle against Satan?  Why don’t we have to fear?  See the end of 12:1.

2.  What will happen to all the multitudes who have died?  See 12:2-3.  How can you be sure that you’ll be on the blessed side?

3.  As the book of Daniel closes, two angels appear and question the Lord about when this is all supposed to happen.  As you would expect, he doesn’t give a definite answer.  “Time, times and half a time” = 3½, a number often used in the book of Revelation to symbolize the time of persecution of God’s people.  No one has ever figured out what the numbers mean in 12:11.  When we get to heaven, the book will be unsealed and we’ll understand!  Until then, what does the Lord feel about those who would try to predict the time of the end?  See Matthew 24:36, 42.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday – Daniel 10-11

For those who follow “Today’s Light Bible,”  I have divided one day’s reading into two. For all of us, concentrate mainly on chapter 10 today, and chapter 12 tomorrow.  Chapter 11 is lengthy and is the most detailed prophecy in all of Scripture.  It was fulfilled especially in the days of Judas Maccabeus, about 170-160 BC.  It is so detailed that critics feel Daniel could not have written it!  If you would like to explore its fulfillment, read the People’s Bible or ask me for my study sheet on the details of its fulfillment.  Otherwise, you may skip chapter 11.

1.  Who is the man described in 10:5-6?  If you’re not sure, compare Revelation 1:13-15, where John saw him in the same way.

2.  The word “prince” is used here in reference to angels:  faithful ones like Michael or fallen ones like the prince ofPersia(10:13) or the prince ofGreece(10:20).  This is different from the “king” ofPersia, who is the earthly ruler.  Evil angels work through earthly world powers, and the other angels oppose them.  We don’t often think of the world in terms of the battle between angels and demons.  What is helpful to have this perspective?  What kind of battle might we personally have?  See Ephesians 6:10-13.

3.  How does Daniel regain his strength according to 10:19?  How does Jesus do the same for us?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – Daniel 9

1.  Daniel pours out a prayer of confession for his sins and the sins of God’s people.  What actions go along with Daniel’s prayer?  See 9:3.  We sometimes have a form of this in Ash Wednesday and Lent.  (giving up certain foods or all foods – fasting).  But note what Jesus says about fasting in Matthew 9:15.

2.  Note what Daniel says in his prayer in 9:18b.   Why can we make our requests to God?

3.  The prophecy of the 70 sevens or 70 weeks has been fulfilled when Jesus died for us and ended the purpose of the temple by being our sacrifice, once for all.  Note what is supposed to happen in the 70 sevens, in 9:24.  This was all fulfilled in Jesus, the Holy One who was anointed as Messiah. He is the Anointed One of 9:26-27.   There is a terrible mistranslation in 9:27.  He does NOT set up the abomination in the temple.  The end that is decreed is poured out on the temple, not him.


457 BC  Artaxerxes decrees money for the temple and whatever else is needed.

He sends Ezra toJerusalem.    See Ezra 7

+ 49  (seven 7’s)

= 408 BC  Nothing is recorded in the Bible for this date.

+434  (sixty-two 7’s)

= 27 AD  Jesus is Anointed at baptism, and starts his ministry.

The “one” seven:

27 AD  The start of Jesus’ 3 ½  year ministry

30 AD  His crucifixion and end of need for sacrifices. God’s Presence deserts the temple.

33 AD  The death of Stephen, persecution starts, Christians scattered to be witnesses everywhere.

This prophecy, which was completely fulfilled in Jesus 2,000 years ago, has often been “stuck” onto the end of time, and is the supposed proof passage for 7 years of tribulation before he returns. There is no justification for this poor interpretation.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday – Daniel 7-8

1.   The history of the world is outlined in chapter 7.   The lion isBabylon, the bear isPersia, the leopard is the Greek Empire (Alexander the Great and what comes after him) and the terrifying beast of iron isRome.  What are the horns?  See 7:24.   One of those horns will emerge fromRomeand will persecute believers. How long will he be doing that?  See 7:21.  What “kingdom”  could this be?

2.  This vision disturbs Daniel, but what can we rejoice about at the end of it?  Ponder 7:13-14 and see Jesus!!

3.  Chapter 8 is another vision about just two of the kingdoms in chapter 7.  Who is the two-horned ram and who is the shaggy goat?  See 8:20.    We know from history that this attack onJerusalemand God’s people was fulfilled by Antiochus Epiphanes in 169-163 BC. This time seems to be exactly the number mentioned in 8:14.  He desecrated the rebuilt temple and stopped the sacrifices.  Note the phrase: “rebellion that causes desolation”  8:13.  Who is the one who rebels, which causes this desolation of the temple to happen?  See 8:12.  Later this is also called the “abomination that causes desolation,” (9:27, 11:31, 12:11) which is a phrase that Jesus uses to describe the destruction of the temple by the Romans.  See Matthew 24:15.  Why does God permit terrible events to fall on his people?  It is easy to understand if we are rebelling against God, but what if we are not?    See 1 Peter 1:6,7 for another reason.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – Daniel 6

1.  The Medes and the Persians have taken over as the world power.  Darius is the ruler over the area ofBabylon, under the great King Cyrus ofPersia.  Daniel was so exceptional and virtuous that the other governors (satraps) were jealous.  How do you see the same thing happen when a Christian does his job in the workplace?

2.  What was the decree that Daniel’s enemies persuaded the king to sign into law?  See 6:7. What did Daniel do?  See 6:10.   What guideline is he demonstrating for us?  See Acts 5:29.

3.  How did God protect Daniel when he was thrown into the den of lions?  See 6:22.  From the attacks of what “lion” does Jesus protect us?  See 1 Peter 5:8.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – Daniel 5

1.  After less than 100 years, the greatkingdomofBabylonis coming to its end.  Belshazzar is the fifth king after Nebuchadnezzar, and Daniel is still around!  It is 539 BC, so Daniel has been inBabylon67 years.  What did the bodiless hand write on the wall?  See 5:35.  Each word is a unit of money.  It would be like seeing: “Dollar, Dollar, Quarter, Dime.”  What did each word mean?  See 5:26.  What were Belshazzar’s sins?  See 5:22-23.  

2.  The Lord was especially angered that Belshazzar had used the goblets from His temple for the king’s drinking party.   How might the things of God be misused or mistreated today?

3.  To this day, Jesus rules the world and all its worldly kingdoms.  See Ephesians 1:22-23.   What comfort does that give you when it seems that the evil powers of this world are winning?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – Daniel 3-4

1.  What was Nebuchadnezzar’s decree in 3:5-6?  Daniel’s 3 companions refused to obey.  What did they say to the king?  See 3:16-18.  How can you “stand up for Jesus?”

2.  Did the three young men expect to be rescued from the fiery furnace?  Did they know for sure what God would do?  What does that teach you about the fiery trials that you may have?

3.  In Chapter 4, what happened to King Nebuchadnezzar in fulfillment of his dream?  What did that lead him to do?  See 4:34.   Do you think that Nebuchadnezzar is in heaven today?  Even if we don’t know for sure, what does this teach you about God’s attitude toward the arrogant and ungodly rulers of today?  See 1 Timothy 2:3.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday Daniel 1-2

1.  Daniel lived at the same time as Ezekiel, and both of them were inBabylonduring the captivity.  Jerusalemwas destroyed in 586 BC, but Daniel was part of the group of young leaders that were taken toBabylonfor training, 20 years earlier.  This is where his book starts,  in 606 BC.  Daniel was in a position to bring God’s message to the pagan rulers.  In Chapter 1, why did the 4 young Jewish men ask to be vegetarian?  How do you think the other trainees felt when the same menu was forced on them (1:16)?  What Christian teachings or morals today are scorned in the world?

2.  In Chapter 2, note that Daniel and his 3 friends are already part of the “wise men” ofBabylon, or Magi.   Where have you heard that term before?  600 year later, some from this same group would come looking for the baby Jesus.  What was Nebuchadnezzar’s unreasonable request, which led him to decree the death of all the wise men?  How did this lead to a fantastic opportunity to witness about the only One who could know the king’s dream?   See 2:27-28.  How has the Lord answered prayer in your life, so that you can tell others of the greatness of God?

3.  In the dream of the statue, the gold head isBabylon, the silver chest isPersia, the bronze belly isGreeceand the iron legs (with faulty feet) isRome.   What is the stone that smashes all these kingdoms?   See 2:44.   What do you think it means that this rock is cut out, but not by human hands?  If you are not sure of the fulfillment, see Jesus’ words in Matthew 16:18-19.  This will also help you understand the nature of this eternal kingdom!  How great will the Lord’s kingdom be?  See 2:35.  When we think of how “powerless” the church seems to be in the world, how is this encouraging?   (Where are all these great powers now?)

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