Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday  – 2 Timothy 2

1.  Paul gives three examples of what it means to be a hard worker for the Lord.  There are in 2:4-6.  Do what Paul says in 2:7 and reflect on what each one means for the Christian who labors for the Lord.

2.  In Paul’s “trustworthy saying,” he gives us 4 contrasts between us and Jesus.  What encouragement does he give?  What warning?  Yet Jesus will not give up on us!

3.  Paul talks about articles in your house, 2:20-21.  What items do you have that are for noble, godly purposes?  What articles are not so godly?   This is also an illustration of spiritual qualities found in the house of your heart.  What do you need to get rid of?  What do you need to make more use of?  See 2:22 for ideas.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday  –  2 Timothy 1

1.   Paul’s second letter to Timothy is his last letter and was written while he was in prison in Rome the second time.  The first time, Paul was under a type of  house arrest where people could visit freely.  What is his situation now?   See 1:16-17.

2.  Ponder the spiritual qualities God has given us, 1:7.  What role does each play in the work of the ministry?

3.  When Jesus died and rose again, what did he do for us?  See 1:10.  Underline this verse and if possible memorize it.

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