Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – 2 Samuel 24

1.  What was wrong with David wanting to know the number of fighting men were in his land?  What did it reveal about where his trust was?

2.  Repentance takes place in the heart of the believer and can only be seen by God. But fruits of repentance are observed by others. How did David show that he was repentant?

3.  Why did David refuse Araunah’s offer to provide the sacrifice free of charge?


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday – 2 Samuel 23

1.  What stands out to you in King David’s last words?  Where does his hope lie as he faces his death?  If your last words would be recorded for others to read, what would you like your last words to say?

2.  God provided mighty men to care for David’s life.  What tremendous accomplishments did these mighty men do?  How does God care for your life?  What “mighty men” has he dispatched to watch over you?

3.  Why is the doctrine that the Bible is the divinely inspired, inerrant Word of God so important for our Christian faith?  Especially in our last moments?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – 2 Samuel 21-22

1.   The 3 year famine happens because of Saul’s sin against the Gibeonites. Israelhad sworn with an oath to God thatGibeonwould be spared, but Saul ignored that oath.  Lesson 1:  How important is it to the Lord when we swear or make a promise in his name?

2.  Lesson 2:  The Lord will right the wrongs that have been done in the past, but his timing is different than ours.   Saul had murdered most of the Gibeonite men about 30 years before this. What earthly injustice might you be waiting for the Lord to correct?

3.   Throughout the chapter, we see David trying to do the right thing, for the Gibeonites and then for Saul’s family, despite the difficult choices he has to make.   What does this show us about his heart?

4.  In David’s song, he gives all glory to God without a word of complaint.  If you had just been through years of struggle and rebellion and foreign invaders, would your song be so positive?  As you read the song, sing praises in your heart for all that God has done for you! (BTW, this song is also in the collected book of songs, the Psalms: Psalm 18).


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – 2 Samuel 19-20

1.   David was so full of grief over his son Absalom.  Part of that may be his feelings of guilt over his own adultery.  The Lord had said he was forgiven, but there would be consequences in his family.  But there may be another more important reason.  Where is David’s son likely spending eternity?

2.   Joab gave David some wise advice at the beginning of the chapter, yet David demoted

Joab and gave the command over to Absalom’s general, Amasa (19:13).   Why?   (see yesterday #3).  Note:  Joab and Amasa were first cousins, so David is not favoring Amasa because he is a close relative.

3.  Once again, how does Joab handle the problem of a rival?   In spite of this, what shows that he is still faithful to David and trying to do the right thing for David?  In all of these problems, you could say that Joab is worldly wise, but David is more spiritually minded.


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – 2 Samuel 17-18

1.  Who gave better advice, Ahithophel or Hushai?  Why did Absalom listen to bad advice?  See 17:14.

2.  Why do you think Ahithophel committed suicide?  What was missing in his life, that he would do such a thing?

3.  General Joab refused to listen to his commander-in-chief about being gentle with Absalom.  Instead what did he do?  Why did he disobey orders?  Joab may have been right about what to do with Absalom, but was he right in disobeying David?  What other course of action might he have followed?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday – 2 Samuel 15-16

1. Why did David evacuate the city of Jerusalem instead of staying and defending it against the invasion of Absalom and his forces?  See the end of 15:14.

2. When David was told what Absalom was doing with the king’s concubines on the rooftop of the palace, of what, no doubt, was David reminded?  This is a fulfillment of Monday’s reading.

3. How does David’s way of dealing with Shimei help us when someone attacks us personally?


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – 2 Samuel 13-14

1.  Immediately we start seeing problems in David’s family.  By their fruits you shall know them. How does Ammon show an unbelieving heart?  How does David react when he heard of this?  See 13:21.  Apparently that’s all that happened.  What actions might David have taken to nip this problem in the bud and stop all that happens next?

2.  Ponder the words of the wise woman, 14:14.  How is this so true for us and our heavenly Father?    Even though David took the wise advice, it becomes clear that he didn’t do enough.  Apparently 14:33 is too little too late.  But Absalom is not guiltless either.

3.  Take an example from today:  A father had a rebellious son who resented any discipline his father imposed upon him. Then he committed a series of crimes and was sentenced to prison. What should the attitude of the father be? What can he still do for his son?


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday – 2 Samuel 11-12

1.  David,  “the man after God’s own heart, (1 Sam 13:14)” followed his own sinful heart in Chapter 11.  What should David have been doing instead of getting distracted by Bathsheba? How might the devil tempt you the same way?

2.  One sin led to another, as David tried to cover up his adultery.    Have you seen something similar in the lives of Christians today?  In your own life?  What is the only solution to stop this increasing snowball of sin?

3.   God sent Nathan to bring David to repentance.  The Lord’s message broke down David’s hard heart, and Nathan could bring David the Gospel.  Where do you see that?  Also note Psalm 51, which David wrote after this incident.

4.  Even though David was forgiven, there were going to be earthly consequences.  See 12:11-12 & 14.  The same may be true for us, especially with sins that hurt other people or cause public offense.  Why might the Lord cause further earthly consequences in our lives, even after our sins are forgiven?


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – 2 Samuel 8-10

1.   David’s victories extend all the way to theEuphratesRiver.    Who receives all the gold and other wealth that is captured?  See 8:11.  When the Lord gives us success in earthly life, do we respond the same way?

2.  In chapter 9, we see David seeking out and showing kindness to the only one left in Saul’s family.  We live in a self-seeking world in which many people think only about their own comfort.   What are some things we can do to follow David’s example?

3.  In chapter 10, David tries to show kindness to another nation, only to be humiliated. Have you ever performed an act of kindness and been rebuffed for it? How does your Christian faith comfort you at such a time?


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – 2 Samuel 7

1.  The Lord uses puns!  He is not so concerned about a house for himself.  He doesn’t need it!  He is more concerned about David’s “house” (7:11).   What does God want from us more than buildings?

2.   How would David’s throne and kingdom be established forever?

3.  What insight does 7:21 give you about how God blesses us and answers our prayers?



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