Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – 2 Peter 3

1.  Why have we waited so long for Jesus to return, when he promised that he would come soon?  See 3:8-9 for two reasons.

2.  What is going to happen to this present physical universe?   What happens after that?  See especially 3:13.

3.  Since we can look forward to that day by faith, how does that affect our lives now?  See 3:11, 14.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – 2 Peter 1-2

1.  What Peter says about Christians is radical – we participate in the divine nature.  What does he mean?  Besides eternal life and our future resurrection, we can show many godlike qualities.  What qualities are we to build on the base of our faith in Christ? See 1:5-7.

2.  Peter says that he didn’t make up stories about Jesus, but what was he?  There is something even stronger than that to bolster our faith in Christ.  What is it?  See 1:19.

3.  Peter warns about false prophets in chapter 2.  Rather than point the finger, it is better to take some of the warnings to heart for ourselves.  What warning is there for us in 2:20?

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