Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – 2 Corinthians 12-13

1.   Why was Paul given a “thorn in my flesh”?  See 12:7.  We don’t know exactly what kind of physical affliction this was, but it caused him enough hardship to affect his work for the Lord. What kind of “thorn” might you have?

2.  When Paul asked God to take it away, God basically said “No.”  Ponder exactly how God gave that answer.  Why did the Lord refuse?   What light does this shed on the times we ask for physical healing?

3.   What does the risen Savior do for Paul, and for us?  See 13:4


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – 2 Corinthians 10-11

1.  In these two chapters, Paul is reacting to false preachers who have come into the congregation. These “super-apostles” are trying to put Paul down and pump themselves up.  Of what are Paul’s opponents trying to accuse him?

2.  The false preachers are really into boasting about themselves.  10:12 means something like:  “We really have outdone ourselves in bringing more people to Christ.  Paul is not even in the competition.” What is Paul going to boast about?

3.  In what ways does Satan himself masquerade as an angel of light?   (11:14)


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday – 2 Corinthians 8-9

1. In these two chapters, Paul enters into an important discussion about giving from all that God has given us.  It’s all about grace!  Underline the key verse, 8:9 and memorize it if possible. How does this motivate you in your giving?

2.  See 8:13-15.  The “plenty” the gentile Christians supplied to the Jewish Christians inJerusalemwas, of course, money. What was the “plenty” the Jewish Christians inJerusalemwere providing to the gentile Christians?  See Romans 15:26,27.  How have we as a congregation been helped by others?  How can we help others in the future?

3. Joyce wants to give. If she gives, she thinks she will have an easier time in life because God will increase her wealth because that’s what someone told her concerning the passage in 9:6.  What does it really mean?   What principles of giving do you find in 9:7?


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – 2 Corinthians 6-7

1. Agree or disagree:  If Christians today aren’t suffering much for the Gospel, it probably means they aren’t doing much to fulfill their call as Christ’s ambassadors.

2. The Corinthians were joining themselves with unbelievers, 6:14.   What are some ways you have been, or perhaps still are, guilty of doing this? What can you do to get out of this situation?

3.  Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians had hurt them, in a good way.  What is the difference between “godly sorrow” and “worldly sorrow”?  See Paul’s discussion in 7:8-11.


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday – 2 Corinthians 5

1.  Paul compares our earthly life to a tent in verse 4.  Why is that a very appropriate illustration for our earthly lives?  What are we looking forward to? How does that impact our lives now?  See 5:9.

2.   Paul wrote, “For Christ’s love compels us.”  What does the great love of Christ compel him to do?  See 5:15 and 20.

3.   5:21 is sometimes called “God’s Great Exchange.”  What did Jesus take on himself that was ours?  In exchange, what did he give us?   How can you share that message with someone this week?



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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – 2 Corinthians 3-4

1.  A key verse is 3:6, which is talking about the two main teachings of the whole Bible.  What is Paul talking about when he writes “the letter kills”?    Or “the Spirit gives life”?

2.  To understand 3:7-18, you have to know an event in Moses’ life.  Whenever Moses would come to God’s presence, he absorbed some of God’s glory in the skin of his face. His face would glow, but it eventually faded away. Paul compares that to the fact that Moses’ main message is glorious but not lasting.  We have the greater more glorious truth!  What are we going to do with it?

3.  “We have this treasure in jars of clay.”   We are compared to fragile jars – cracked pots!   What is the treasure we have inside?  What does that do for us?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – 2 Corinthians 1-2

1. In 2 Corinthians 1:3-11, how many times do you find a form of the word “comfort”? Think of someone you know who is going through distress or suffering right now. How can you bring them the comfort of Christ?

2.  As you read the rest of Chapter 1, you’ll notice that Paul is apparently dealing with people in the congregation who are very critical of him.  This is probably because he was very critical of them in his first letter.  Yet how does Paul feel about these same people?  See 1:14.  What does that teach you when dealing with those who have let you down?

3.  Paul compares his message to aromas in 2:14-16.  The same message “smells” different to different people.   What’s the difference?   How does that encourage you when you receive opposition for telling God’s truth?

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