Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday  – 1 Timothy 6

1.  What is the source of all kinds of evil?  See 6:10.  On the other hand, what two things are necessary for the greatest earthly gain?  See 6:6.

2.  Instead of money or power or a large congregation, what is Timothy to pursue?  See 6:11,12.

3.  What advice does Paul give for those who are financially rich?  See 6:17-18.    What will this result in?  See 6:19.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday – 1 Timothy 5

1.  Paul spends most of this chapter talking about the families in the church, especially those who are in need.  Who is on the top of the list of those who need help?  See 5:9-10.  Who needs to be first people to help?  See 5:8.

2.  It is best for younger widows to do what?  See 5:14.  But they must be careful not to break “their first pledge” which is a reference to their devotion to Jesus.

3.  Elders are held to a high standard in their example to others.  See 5:20.  Yet, as they labor for the Lord, what do they deserve?  See 5:18.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – 1 Timothy 4

1.  Paul says that in later times, like our times, people will follow things taught by demons.  What two false teachings does he mention?    See 4:3.

2.  What statement about Jesus does Paul make that he encourages as a motto for life?  See 4:10.

3.  In what two areas does Paul encourage Timothy, and us, to persevere?  See 4:16.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday – 1 Timothy 3

1.   Two positions in Christ’s church are described in this chapter.  An overseer would be like the pastor of a congregation, while a deacon would be like a councilman, or elder (or in our congregation, a “shepherd”).  What items stand out for you in the job description of an overseer?

2.   The job description of a deacon is similar.  What’s different?

3.  Chapter 3 ends with an early version of a “creed” (statement of belief) about Jesus.  Note the footnote on the word “he.”  How does this make Paul’s creed more powerful?  The Holy Spirit “vindicated” the Lord Jesus. Which means he….. When did that happen?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday  – 1 Timothy 2

1.  Paul urges prayer for everyone but especially for whom?  Why?  See 2:1-2.  How does help accomplish what God wants, 1:3-4?

2.  Through whom should we pray?  See 2:5.  How many mediators are there?  Why is He the only one and not some of the saints in heaven?

3.  Some Christians in our modern era don’t care to listen to 2:11-15 and therefore consider it to be Paul’s opinion and not inspired by God. We do not agree!  Paul is talking about our roles or jobs as Christians in the church.  Whom should women not teach or have authority over?  Why?  Can you understand some social reasons why this is good advice to follow?  Note:  Verse 15 may be difficult to understand but Paul is simply saying:  What is one of the most important roles of a Christian woman (one that a man cannot do)?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday  – 1 Timothy 1

1.  The book of Acts ended with Paul in Rome under arrest, awaiting trial. Paul wrote his first letter to Timothy later, after he had been released and had gone on a fourth missionary journey.  Timothy is Paul’s young co-worker and is doing God’s work in what city?  See 1:3


2.  People who cause controversies in the church have wandered away from what important spiritual qualities?  See 1:5.  Have you ever insisted on being right in an argument and forgot these?

3.  After Paul lists different kinds of major lawbreakers, whom does he include as the worst of them all?  See 1:15.  What does that tech us bout our attitude about ourselves?

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