Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – 1 Samuel 31

1.  We see the sad end to Saul, who commits suicide.  What is much worse for Saul than the possibility of getting abused by his earthly enemies?

2.  What would it have taken for Saul to have a different eternal outcome?  How can we be ready for the day of our earthly death?  Thank the Lord for our victory in Jesus!

3.  A few faithful Israelites go secretly to rescue the bodies of Saul and his sons and gave them a proper burial.  What did they do with their bodies?  Is that a proper thing for a Christian to do?  Let this passage help you answer that question!


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – 1 Samuel 30

1.  There’s a reason why David was sent home – to rescue his own people!  Can you think of times in your life that the Lord guided things differently than you had planned, only to make it work out better than you thought?

2.   How can we follow David’s example when difficulties enter our lives?

3.  Some of David’s men objected to sharing the booty with those who didn’t go out to battle.  What had they forgotten?  See David’s words in 30:23.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – 1 Samuel 27-29

1.  David was living with the enemy.  Recall that Goliath was fromGath. David doesn’t tell

Achish the truth about what?    Can you ever justify lying?  Under what circumstances, if any? Why might soldiers be forced to lie in times of war?

2.  In chapter 28. People have debated whether this was actually Samuel who came back, or a devil posing as Samuel. (Most supernatural appearances in séances today are probably not the person called, but a demon.) The way the witch reacts, and the truth that Samuel speaks, it becomes apparent that the Lord sent the real Samuel back to talk to Saul.  What was Saul’s reaction to Samuel’s message?  What would have changed if Saul had repented?

3.  The rest of the Philistine commanders don’t trust David – for good reasons.  Remember that the Lord was guiding each event.  Why would God not want David to succeed in helping Saul win?


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday – 1 Samuel 26

1.  This chapter has different details, but it is a repeat of chapter 24.  This time, it is David himself who devises a way to make a point with King Saul, although it is clear that the Lord was in favor and helped him.  How?  Why do you think the Lord set it up to have the same thing happen to Saul twice?

2. What does King Saul say about David’s future? Do you think he has learned his lesson?

3. King Saul needed to be overthrown, but who must do that, according to David?  See 26:10. What might we learn from that in attempts to remove rotten or criminal leaders of other countries?


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – 1 Samuel 25

1. What was different about David’s reaction to Nabal compared to his reaction to Saul? Yet what had Nabal done against David compared to King Saul?  Do you think his reaction to Nabal was God-pleasing?

2.  How did Nabal’s wife Abigail handle the situation?   How did David react to her request? See 25:32-34.   He realized that Abigail was the Lord’s messenger to keep him from doing something foolish.  How has he used people in your life in the same way?

3.  Once again the Lord handles the wrongdoing with his own justice.  What happened to Nabal?    With what justice has the Lord handled our sins and foolishness?



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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday – 1 Samuel 24

1.  Saul decided to relieve himself in the very cave that David and his men were hiding! This was no accidental coincidence!  The Lord had put David’s enemy right in his hands!  David’s men come up with what conclusion?  What did David do instead?   Why was this the wiser choice?    Think of also what Jesus said in Matthew 5:43-48.

2.   Read Romans 12:19-21. How did the truth of Paul’s words play out in David’s confrontation with Saul?  You will see the Lord’s vengeance with Saul in the next chapters.

3. When David cut off a piece of Saul’s robe, it was a “gotcha” moment which would be extremely embarrassing to Saul.  How did David react even over this?  See 24:5.  David used the whole incident to prove his innocence. Ponder the words he says to Saul.  How are we to treat church leaders or government leaders with whom we don’t agree?



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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – 1 Samuel 23

1.  In verse 14 we read, “Day after day Saul searched for him, but God did not give David into his hands.” What does this tell us about God’s involvement in the lives of his people?

2.  What strikes you about Saul’s words in verse 21: “The Lord bless you for your concern

for me”?  To whom is he speaking these words?   Would the Lord bless them for what they had done?  Saul has become the classic case of the hypocrite:  he can say the right things, but where is his heart?  What dangers are there for us?

3.  We would like to think that God-fearing people are always blessed and that tragedy will never come into their lives.  In 23:17, Jonathan hopes to be second to David when David is king.  This never happened.  Jonathan never saw David again, except now in heaven.  What can you learn from this?


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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – 1 Samuel 22

1.  David took his family from Bethlehem to the other side of the Dead Sea, in the foreign country of Moab.  Why was his family in danger if they stayed inBethlehem?

2.  Doeg the Edomite probably defended his action by saying:  “I carried out the king’s command, when the rest were unwilling.”  Why was he still wrong?  See Acts 5:29.

3.  Why did the Lord allow something so terrible?  In this case, we see that the Lord
used Doeg’s wickedness to carry out his prophecy against the house of Eli (1 Samuel 2:30-36).

This is the same for the enemies of Jesus who carried out his crucifixion, but who were fulfilling God’s plan.  What terrible actions are happening in our time that God has allowed? Even if we don’t know the reasons, what can we be sure of?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – 1 Samuel 20-21

1.  Because of their strong friendship, what did David and Jonathan agree to do for each other?

2.  What benefits did David receive by having Jonathan as a friend?  What are the benefits that you receive by having Christian friends?

3.  Ahimelech the priest had disobeyed the letter of the law when he gave David the consecrated bread, but he had fulfilled the spirit of the law with his care for David.  Jesus comments on this incident in Matthew 12:1-8.  How does Ahimelech serve as a good example for us?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday – 1 Samuel 18-19

1.  Considering who Jonathan was, what makes Jonathan’s love for his friend David so amazing?   What caused his father, King Saul, to react in the opposite way?  How might you befriend someone of whom you may be tempted to be jealous?

2.  Why did David refuse to marry either of Saul’s daughters?  It is more than humility as the youngest son of an unknown family.  Remember that to receive a bride, the prospective husband needs to pay a bride price.  What would you expect the price to be on the daughter of a king?   What price does King Saul ask for?  In all of this what is Saul attempting to do to David?   How has the Lord turned around someone’s bad intentions into good for you?

3. Where did David go when he fled from Saul?  Why is this also fleeing to God? How can we do that as well?  Note that in the presence of the Lord and his prophet, that Saul’s men and even Saul himself, who is without faith, does an unusual thing.  Prophesying always means to speak God’s Word.  But isn’t Saul without faith?  What is happening is similar to the High Priest Caiaphas in John 11:49-52.


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