Study the Bible in Two Years

   Thursday – 1 Peter 5

1.  When Peter talks about the leaders, or shepherds of God’s flock, he presents three qualities, contrasting how they should not be compared how they should be.  See 5:2-3. What are those contrasts?

2. Underline and memorize the short but important verse 7.  How are we to handle all our anxieties and worries?

3.  The devil is compared to what animal?  When we are in Christ, the devil is on a leach:  he can roar but he can’t bite.  We don’t have to fear the devil, but how should we react to him and his temptations?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

 Wednesday – 1 Peter 3-4

1.   Peter discusses wives and husbands.  What is a woman’s true beauty?   What must a husband do, so that his prayers are not hindered?

2.  Ponder 3:18-19, the only clear place in the Bible that talks about Jesus descending into hell. What word does Peter use to describe hell?   When did Jesus go there?  What was Jesus doing there?    Note: There are two words for “preaching” – preaching the Gospel and making a proclamation.  The word here is the proclamation.  What do you think Jesus proclaimed in hell?

3.  Continue on as Peter compares the waters of the flood to what?  What does this sacrament do for you?

4.  How do unbelieving friends and associates expect us to live?  What happens when we refuse?  See 4:3-4.  Note how this ties in with 4:12-14.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – 1 Peter 2

1.  Since we are God’s house of living stones, built on the living Cornerstone, what does that make us?  What are we to do?  See 2:9.

2.  Since we are free in Christ, what do we freely want to do?  See 2:13-17.

3.  Sometimes we may suffer unjustly from the powers of this world.  What example does Jesus give us?  See 2:21-23.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

 Monday – 1 Peter 1

1.  In his letter, Peter is writing to Christians in areas that cover most of present day Turkey. What two names does he give us right at the beginning?  Recall the hymn: “I’m but a stranger here, heaven is my home.”  How do those two names fit with how he describes the work of the Trinity in verse 2?

2.  Of what does the resurrection of Jesus assure us?  See 1:3-4.  This is especially important to remember when we face many trials. For what purpose are those trials?  See 1:7

3.  In 1:10-12, Peter is talking about all the prophecies about Christ in the Old Testament.  How did the prophets get those messages about Jesus?  They couldn’t understand them, but they were writing them down for whom?  Now note how Peter ends his first chapter.

4.  The word “redeem” originally meant to buy someone out of slavery.  With what did Jesus make the payment to redeem us from the slavery of sin and death?  See 1:18-19.

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