Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – 1 Corinthians 16

1.  Paul is gathering a special offering for fellow Christians who are suffering inJerusalem.  In just one verse, 16:2, he sums up three key points about our financial giving to the Lord.  What are they?  (Note:  A tithe or 10% of income is not commanded anywhere in the New Testament)

2.  From what city is Paul writing this letter?  From the way he talks about Timothy, who is delivering the letter, and Apollos who was reluctant to visitCorinth(see 16:10-12), what does that tell you about the congregation inCorinth? 

3.  16:13 sounds like a “manly” verse!  But what goes hand in hand with courage and strength?  See 16:14-16.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday – 1 Corinthians 15

1.  This is sometimes called the resurrection chapter – everything about our Christian faith hinges on the fact that Christ rose from the dead.  In the forty days from Easter to Ascension, how many people saw Jesus physically alive?

2.  What are the consequences if Christ was not raised from the dead?  15:17-19.  But because Christ is risen, what does that mean for us?  15:20-23.

3.  What exciting things will happen when Jesus returns?   15:51-57.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – 1 Corinthians 13-14

1.  As you read the description of love in chapter 13, think of how each phrase was evident in the life of Christ. 

2. Read it a second time and apply it to your life of love for others.  In what areas are you weak or have failed?  Take it to the Lord in prayer and then concentrate on those aspects of love in your life today.

3.  There were problems inCorinthwith the spiritual gift of speaking in tongues, which is speaking in a language that you have never learned.  This gift was not given in many places, but it was evident inCorinth, and there were many problems.  Paul gives the basic rule in 14:22.  But when these two things happen when the church gathers for worship, the exact opposite happens:  14:23-25.  Why is prophesy (sharing God’s Word) preferable?  See 14:19.

4.  Because their worship had become chaotic and disorderly, what rules does Paul lay down?  See 14:26-40.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday – 1 Corinthians 11-12

1.  How were the Corinthian Christians abusing the Lord’s Supper?  See 11:21.

2.  What warning does Paul make to the Corinthians in regards to the Lord’s Supper?  (11:27,29)  Why is it loving, therefore, for our church to encourage people to take a class on the Lord’s Supper before they receive it?

3.  Where do we receive the ability to recognize Jesus as our Lord and Savior? (cf. 12:3)  How does this differ from those who claim to have made a “decision for Christ”?

4.  What point is Paul trying to make with the illustration of the body?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – 1 Corinthians 10

1.  Paul talks about the children ofIsraelin the desert and draws some conclusions for us now.  What is his warning?  (10:6 & 12)  What is his comfort?  (10:13)

2.  It is interesting to see the context of the important passage about the Lord’s Supper, 10:16, 17.  We are participating directly in communion with the Lord’s body and blood!  How can you do that and then participate in a feast with idols and demons?  How can that happen today in your activities after church?

3.  What can you do to make 10:31 a reality in your life today?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – 1 Corinthians 8-9

1.  The question:  Is it sinful to buy and eat meat that had been sacrificed to one of the Roman gods?  Paul’s answer is in 8:8. 

2.  There are many such situations in a congregation:  What music you use and what order of service, what translation of the Bible, whether to allow alcoholic beverages at a church picnic.  How do you decide what to do or not to do in those situations?  The last paragraph, 8:9-13 gives us the basic principle to apply.

3.  What is Paul willing to do in order to preach the Gospel?  See 9:18-22.

4.  Paul compares our Christian life to the Olympic games.  In what ways are we like those athletes?    Be careful that you don’t draw wrong conclusions from his illustration.  Examples:  How many win the prize in the Olympic games?  How much do we contribute to winning our salvation?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – 1 Corinthians 7

1.  Sometimes people have the notion that God is against all sexual activity.  They forget that the Lord is the one who invented the concept!!  Yet the Lord makes it clear that it is a blessing only when?  

2.  If you are married, to whom does your body belong?  What concept from Gen. 2:24 is Paul explaining, without using those words?

3.  Our day of easy and frequent divorce, along with much sexual immorality is not all that different from society inCorinthin Paul’s day.  What command does Paul give to those Christians who seek a divorce for improper reasons?  See 7:10.

4.  Why does Paul recommend that people who are unmarried remain that way?   See 7:26-28.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday – 1 Corinthians 5-6

1.  What was a member of the congregation doing, about which the congregation had done nothing?  See 5:1.  Paul tells them to “hand him over to Satan,” which means to declare to him that he is no longer in God’s kingdom, but in Satan’s.  Compare Matthew 18:15-18.  What was the goal for doing this to an unrepentant member? See 5:5.

2.  What will happen if they allow unrepentant sinning to continue among them?  See 5:6. What other types of sins must they avoid?  See 5:10-11.  What leads us to get rid of the sinful “yeast” in our lives?   See 5:7.

3.  In chapter 6, Paul reacts to the news that some of the Christians were bringing lawsuits against one another.  Why does Paul tell them to stop it?  What applications can we make for ourselves as we live in the midst of a lawsuit-filled world? 

4.  Our bodies are God’s temple, 6:19.   How then, should we desire to serve God with our bodies?  How does this differ from the attitude of the rest of the world, especially in regard to sexuality?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – 1 Corinthians 3-4

1.  In 3:5-9, Paul compares Christians to a field.  Who does the planting and watering?  Who makes it grow?

2.  In 3:10-17, Paul compares Christians to a building.  What is the foundation?  Who builds on that foundation?  What kind of building have we become (3:16)? 

3.  Look at the list of challenges that Paul and the other apostles went through (4:9-13).  Why did they go through such difficulties?  What does this have to say about the teaching that if we believe in God we will have earthly prosperity?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday – 1 Corinthians 1-2

1.  Paul points out in 1:10-13 a division that had come up among the Christians inCorinth.  What was the cause of this division? 

 2.  Many Christians choose a church because they like a certain pastor.  Why should that not be the most important reason for choosing a church?  What is more important?

3.  In 1:18-25, Paul contrasts the wisdom and philosophy of this world with the wisdom of God.  What in particular will the worldly wise consider to be foolishness?

4.  Many Christians have been taught that a person has to choose Christ in order to become a believer.  What does 2:14 say about our ability to choose to follow Christ’s teachings on our own?  How, then, do we receive our faith (2:12)?

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