Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – 1 Chronicles 29

1.   The good example of one Christian often inspires other Christians to do the same. How did this work in David’s case?  See 29:3-6. What person in your congregation or from your past has provided an example for you to follow?

2.  What does 29:14-16 teach us about giving generously towards the Lord’s work?  What does the Lord desire in our hearts for offerings that are pleasing to him?  See 29:17.

3.  David was far from perfect.  Yet how did the Lord bless David’s humble and sincere devotion?  See 29:26-28 for the final summary of David’s life.  When you reach life’s end, what summary would you want people to write about you?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – 1 Chronicles 28

1.  What evidence of God’s grace does David emphasize, that he and his family received?  See 28:4-7.   How has the Lord done the same for us?  See 2 Thess. 2:13 and John 15:16.

 2.  David encourages his son to serve the Lord not just in outward obedience but how?  See 28:9.  Why can’t you get away with devotion to the Lord by “going through the motions” of proper conduct?

3.  How did David receive the plans for the temple?  See 28:12,19.  This is a good description of how the Spirit inspired the writers of the Bible.  How does the Holy Spirit guide our thoughts?

4.  What encouragement did David give his son in 28:20.  Take those words to heart as you do the Lord’s work in your life.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – 1 Chronicles 23-27

To Start:   We are going to read chapter 23 and skim the contents of the other 4 chapters.  Once again, skip reading the lists of names!  That’s basically chapters 24-27.

1. Note that David made Solomon king before he died, unlike modern kings who rule until they die.  That is why it is sometimes hard to figure out the years of the kings in the Bible.

2.  What were the four main duties of the Levites?  See 23:4-5.  The biggest division is to take care of the Lord’s work, which is described in 23:28-31.  How would you compare these four divisions to the work in God’s church today?

2.  There are three sons of Levi, 23:6.  Under which son do you find Moses and Aaron?  For what duties were Aaron and his descendants set apart?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday – 1 Chronicles 22

1.  The Lord had forbidden David from building His house, for what reason?  See 22:8.  The work would be done by his son, Solomon, whose name is derived from “shalom,” peace.  What great promise does the Lord give in 22:10?  This is fulfilled only in one person – the one who would be the Prince of Peace!

2.  Note the extensive gathering of materials and precious metals.  How much gold?  How much silver?  The NIV footnotes tell you how much this really is in tons!!  But the most important thing David did to prepare is in 22:17-19.  What is that?

3.  We do not have the same need to build an extravagant sanctuary for the Lord.  Why not? The answer lies in the purpose of this temple.  It would be a place of worship, especially for what?  Look ahead to 23:31.  Why don’t we do that?  The temple would be theMost Holy Placefor the Ark of the Covenant, 22:19.  The ark was the earthly article associated with God’s actual presence with his people.  What do we have that is better?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – 1 Chronicles 21

1.  What was wrong with David wanting to know the number of fighting men were in his land?  By itself it isn’t necessarily wrong, but Joab knows that David’s attitude is wrong and calls it sin.  What sin must have been in David’s heart?

2.  David is given three options as an earthly punishment for his sin.  How did David choose?  See 21:13.  Why was this a wise choice?

3.  The angel of the Lord appears at Araunah’s threshing floor.  It is good to know that threshing was done on tops of hills, where there would be a good breeze.  What does God command David to do?  See 21:18.  What did the Lord do with David’s sacrifice? See 21:26. This should remind you of a similar event in the life of Elijah.  How would this location become significant in the future? See 22:1  Is there any similar place in our lives?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Monday – 1 Chronicles 18-20

1.  These three chapters record many of David’s military victories.  The commander of his army is Joab, who works closely with his brother Abishai.  Both of them are David’s nephews, sons of David’s sister Zeruiah.   The Lord gave David victory over all the enemies that surroundedIsrael, all the way to what landmark?  See 18:3 and find it on a map.

2.  What did David do with all the precious metals he plundered in war?  See 18:11.  What would they be used for? See 18:8 for one of the items.  When the Lord gives his people wealth today, how can they thank him like David did?

3.  It is good to know that thekingdomofAmmon, with its capital of Rabbah, is just east of theJordan River.  Rabbah is still the capital of today’s country ofJordan, and it is calledAmman.  It is about 50 miles east ofJerusalem.  What foolish thing did the new king of Ammon do?  19:1-4.  Instead of trying to make peace, what did he do next?  What good example does General Joab give us when we face troubles or battles with our enemy, the devil?  See 19:13.

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Saturday – 1 Chronicles 17

1.  David now has a fine palace and he wants to build a house for the Lord as well. How does the
Lord react?  See 17:4-6.   How necessary is it for God to have a fine house?  What does this say about churches we build today?

2.  Yet the Lord is honored by a fine temple, but David is not the one to build it.  Who will?
See 17:12.  The Lord is more concerned about building David’s “house.” 17:10. What is he talking about?  How is 17:14 fulfilled?

3.  Note what David says in his prayer about God’s promises, 17:23.  What promises of God do you cling to, where you might pray the same thing?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Friday – 1 Chronicles 15-16

1.  As you read chapter 15, note the different instruments used in singing joyfully to the Lord. Is there any prohibition on what instruments we may use today in worship?  Like David’s first wife, Michal, do we ever look down on other churches who worship differently than we do?

 2.  David’s song (psalm) for giving thanks for the day the Ark arrived in Jerusalem, is also found in the book of Psalms, as parts of Psalms 105, 96 and 106. What three chief things does David command, at the very beginning?  See 16:8.  Note the mission theme throughout, especially in 16:23-25.

3.  What is also a part of our worship, according to 16:29?

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Thursday – 1Chronicles 13-14

1.  David wanted to renew the proper worship of the Lord, including the ark of the covenant, the
centerpiece of God’s presence and the tabernacle.   Do you feel as David did, that God was totally unfair in striking down Uzzah?   But how was the ark supposed to be carried?   By whom was it supposed to be carried?  Skip ahead to 1 Chronicles 15:13-15.  Why do you think David didn’t follow God’s instructions in the first place?  Have you ever tried to push things along too fast, and as a result disobeyed God?
(Think of how you may have treated other people in the process.)

2.  Note 14:2 to see what the Lord is doing for David.  Is that compatible with 14:3 – as he collects wives and children?  Even though the Lord established marriage as the “two shall be one flesh,” yet he allowed this without comment.  However, every time there is more than one wife, the Lord shows how a multitude of problems come into their lives. Are there sins in your life that the Lord “allows” but bring earthly problems into your life?  In addition, don’t ever take your forgiveness in Christ for granted!

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Study the Bible in Two Years

Wednesday – 1 Chronicles 9-12

1.  The writer returns to a part of Benjamin’s line a third time in chapter 9, as this leads into his
narration about what happens at the end of King Saul’s life.

2.  Starting with chapter 10, it is now time to read each chapter.  Why was the battle lost and why did King Saul die?  See 10:13-14.  If Saul had been faithful to the Lord, would things have turned out differently?  What does that say about our own faithfulness, or lack of it?

3.  We start with David in chapter 11. David ruled in Hebron (southern Judah) for 7 years before the events of 11:4-9.   Why do you think Ezra, the writer, wanted to put this first? In this chapter and in future chapters, you may skip reading lists of names. You may also skip chapter 12.  This chapter is a
flashback to a time before David was king, just to show where all his fighting men came from.

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