Study the Bible in Two Years

Tuesday – Revelation 17

1.  This vision is the most complicated, especially if you try to identify all the details.  We will stick with the basics.  Who is the scarlet beast on which the woman rides?  The beast of the sea (chapter 13) also had seven heads and ten horns.  We identified it as the antichristian governments over all the periods of history.  This still fits well, especially when you see 17:10. There were 5 major world powers before the rise of theRoman Empire.  There is another that will come after theRoman Empirefades.  What will this beast do?  See 17:14.

2.  Sitting on top of the beast is a woman who has become a prostitute.  The last time John saw a woman in the desert, it was a picture of the church, 12:13-17.  Now she is a vile creature, full of adulteries.  She is identified with what city in 17:5?   That city was the greatest enemy of God’s people.  It was never rebuilt, and the Lord said it would not be rebuilt.  So what city is this?  See 17:9.  There is a city that is still known as the city on seven hills.  17:18 clinches it.

This prostitute is based in __________.

3.  To put it all together:  this prostitute is the powerful, wealthy corruption of the church based in the city of world power.  She will have control of the antichristian governments, at least for a time.    Saddest of all, what she has done to the saints?  7:6.

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